Fave 5 Brisbane Pizza Joints

By Sophia McMeekin
31st Mar 2015

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Pizza is always the answer. 

Rough day at the office? Pizza. Broke up with your girlfriend? Pizza. Bored? Pizza. 

But we’re not talking the amped-up, crust-stuffed monstrosities that masquerade as Italian fare. Brisbane’s best pizzerias are those that understand there’s a delicate balance to a good slice. It’s in the perfectly thin, crunchy base. The delicate smattering of fromagi. The authentico toppings. (Ok, so we don’t know much Italian. But you get the idea.).

Brisbane’s Italian restaurant scene is booming, with more and more spherical dishes of delight popping up on menus, and we’ve eaten them all. Today we’re counting down our fave 5 Brisbane pizzas. 



Don’t let the unassuming interior fool you, Sorellina is a legit’ pizzeria: like Ninja Turtle-representing, oven-baked choc chip cookies, legit’. A seemingly innocuous interior leaves you free to focus on the main event: the pizza pies. A Neopolitan menu (note for laymen and pizza rookies, this means they’re super thin, and super simple) the Tuscan kale with anchovies, and the potato, pancetta, and rosemary pizza.



Food trucks might be the flavour of the month, but Pizzantica’s got the goods to go the long haul. A kombi van pumping out some of the most authentic pizzas we’ve had out of Italy, Pizzantica is, not surprisingly, manned by actual Italians. Their Nutella dessert pizzas are superb. Superb, we tell you! You can find them at Green Beacon on Monday and Tuesday nights, as well as various Brisbane locations throughout the week, and if you want to keep them all to yourself they’re also available for private party hire.

Tinderbox Kitchen

New Farm

When PJ McMillan, of Harveys fame, opened an Italian restaurant in Brisbane, we knew Brisbane’s pizza game as about to be lifted a rung or two. Tinderbox is a communal Italian-style restaurant where they’re not afraid to go gonzo with the cheeses, and we could happily spend every night of the week kicking back and enjoying their menu. Favourite toppings include the Savoyarde—a heady mix of potato, rosemary, bacon, leek, and chilli— and the Johnny’s Garden—kale, blue cheese, salted ricotta, and balsamic onion.

Coppa Spuntino

Brisbane CBD

We’ve got a full-blown crush on Coppa Spuntino. The newest Brisbane restaurant from the team behind Public and Red Hook, Coppa is an Italian spuntino, wine, and aperitivo bar. Share plates are the go here, but tucked down the menu between the gnocchi and the heavenly cheeses you’ll find some of Brisbane’s best pizzas, which you will not be so keen on sharing.

Julius Pizzeria

South Brisbane

When the guys behind Beccofino birthed a little brother venue in South Brisbane, a whole precinct of Brisbane was introduced to their phenomenal pizza game for the first time, and you can bet hearts were won. Home to some of Brisbane’s best pizzas, Julius Pizzeria is a must for any Brisbane Italian-food fan.

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