What To Order For Breakfast In Brisbane

By Kim Barnard
10th Sep 2013

There are so many places to go for the best breakfast in Brisbane these days that it's hard to keep up. How do you choose? What makes one venue's bacon more worthy than another place's bacon? 

For me, where I choose to have my morning meal is entirely dependent on what I feel like—what can I get to eat that is going to satisfy my stomach on that particular morning? That's why we end up going back to the same old places for brekky; it's the familiarity (and deliciousness) of those particular menu items that make the dining decision easy. We're all about trying new places, here at The Urban List, but there are times when only a certain meal will do.

With that in mind, we've put together our list of some of the best items on Brisbane's hottest breakfast menus. Not only are these venues excellent (really, any option you choose will be delicious), but these particular choices are what keep us coming back again and again (and again).

Want to know what to order for breakfast in Brisbane? These bad boys won't let you down.

Corn Fritters | Au Cirque

We know there is a fine balance involved in getting the perfect corn fritter recipe right (because we've had so many fritters that fall short). Cirque's offering is the bomb. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, these golden morsels are the perfect breakfast fare. Add a side of bacon and a coffee and it's pretty much a home run. 

Smashed Avocado | Scout Cafe

I bet you thought you wouldn't have to read about our love for avo' on toast anymore (we've 'fessed up to our obsession here, and here), but you were wrong (we're kind of annoying like that). It is impossible to write about what to order for breakfast in Brisbane without including an avo' on toast offering, and Scout's is our current fave. Their addition of goat's fetta, herbs, olive oil, and lemon, plus the optional (as if!) addition of chorizo is out of this world. 

Porridge | Sourced Grocer

Seriously. If you haven't tried Sourced's decadent take on porridge, get your butt down there tomorrow. Five-grain porridge with grilled banana, organic toasted coconut flakes, Maleny Dairy Guernsey cream, and organic Rapadura sugar. Yumz.

Mushrooms & Lentils | Harveys Bar + Bistro

A long-time Brisbane breakfast favourite, and for good reason, Harveys knows how to get our day off to a smashing start. Everything on the menu rocks, but sometimes we have dreams about the wild mushrooms and lentils on toast with haloumi and lemon. It's delish.

Quiche Lorraine | Chouquette

Certain members of The Urban List team (who shall remain nameless) have been known to fall into a heap without their Friday morning quiche and coffee fix from Chouquette. The perfect treat to grab on the way to work, these heavenly pastry concoctions are well worth the calories.

Salmon Is My Fixie | Dandelion & Driftwood

We know you love everything about D&D (and so do we!) but we particularly love the smoked salmon with capers, fresh dill, cream cheese, and olive oil on Sourdough. If there's a better breakfast combo than salmon and cream cheese, we'd love to hear it.

Mushrooms & Eggs | Grub St

Swiss mushroom duxelle, truffled scrambled eggs, and speck. Is there anything else we even need to say about this? 

Sausages | Hamptons Home Living

Another absolute winner for breakfast, Hamptons in Paddington has no bad breakfast choices. Even so, we can't go past the English pork sausages, deep-fried potato gnocchi, fried egg, and onion gravy, because . . . GNOCCHI FOR BREAKFAST!

Italian Eggs | Alcove Cafe & Deli

A haven for breakfast-loving northsiders, Alcove has been impressing us with their excellent menu choices of late. Our fave is the slow-cooked Italian sausage in rich tomato sauce with poached eggs and toast. 

Eggs Benedict | Campos Coffee

For every good eggs benny, there seems to be at least 10 bad ones, which can turn ordering this breakfast fave into a game of, very sad, breakfast roulette. Luckily, there is no need to run the risk of gloopy hollandaise from a bottle plopped atop overcooked eggs—just order the eggs Benedict at Campos. It's pretty perfect.

TUL Note: Looking for breakfast in your 'hood? We've got Brisbane's south, west, north, east, and inner-city covered!

Image credit: Feather, Stone, Moon & Ivory Bone

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