10 Places To Eat Vegan Dinner In Auckland

By Alix Higby
22nd Aug 2017

10 Places To Eat A Vegan Dinner In Auckland

It’s 2017 so yes, you’re all probably aware of where to get that ’grammable #veganbrunch, but where does a vegan go when the sun begins to set and the smoothies and waffles are taken off the menu (regrettably so)? The answer: almost anywhere! It’s 2017, silly! Here are ten easy restaurants where you'll find the most delicious vegan eats, dinner style. 


Herne Bay

You'll find some of the best vegan food that Auckland has to offer at this delectable Japanese joint. A humble interior that boasts the most glorious of menus, Janken is about to be your new go-to spot for some meat-free dining. From glazed tofu sukiyaki to creamy vegan hotpots right through to steamed buns with organic tofu, this restaurant has you covered. What we love most is that Janken also had a generous amount of meat-loving options, meaning your dinner-buddy will be looked after no matter their preference. 

The Food Truck Garage

Auckland CBD

The burrito bowl at The Food Truck Garage is a surprisingly hearty vegan eat. Nut-mince is fantastically filling and at the garage is served in generous helpings with plenty of guac (yes, we know it’s extra). Load up your tortillas or devour the dish deconstructed-style if you’re the dignified type. Spring for the kumara chips to share, as they’re super chunky and served with a truly home-style, date-sweetened tomato sauce. Most importantly of all, the sauce-to-chip ratio is bang on the money. As you can see, Auckland definitely ain't short of a good Vegan dinner spot. 


Auckland CBD

Hello vegan sushi. Ordering vegan at Ebisu is NBD. Once seated just ask your server for the vegan options and they’ll happily point them out. Our pick: The miso-glazed eggplant will change the way you view the humble purple fruit. Deliciously rich and caramelised, it perfectly complements the lightness of an avocado roll (a slight alteration of the vege roll, as suggested by our server). For starters, you just can’t go past your classic, lightly salted edamame. Nom.

Lord Of The Fries

When it comes to Vegan burgers, they can easily go amiss. I mean, once you've tried a delectable chicken burger it can take time to transition to the quinoa patty... But Lord Of The Fries have nailed just that. An extensive range of vegetarian burgers and hot dogs that can be made vegan on request, even the fries are award-winning! We recommend ordering the 'new guru' with a side of hella good kumara fries. Trust us when we say, you won't miss the meat for a second. 

Wise Boys Burgers

Food Truck

Taking inspiration from Prince Charles himself—yes, really—is burger shack Wise Boys. All vegan burgs with no upmarket hipster fanfare. Sustainability is the name of the game for this “red scrap-metal-and-recycled-pallet-burger-shack” who’re determined to do something about our linear way of life…through the love of good food! As with all food trucks, they’re without a permanent location (yet!) so check in on their social to see where they’re serving. May we suggest the beer-battered fries with vegan lemon aioli?

Burger Burger

Newmarket, Ponsonby, Takapuna

Old fave Burger Burger is ideal if dining with meat-lover mates who aren’t quuuite on that raw-food bandwagon. Their vege-come-vegan burger (served in bunnuce sans cheese and yoghurt) is falafel heaven. You’ll miss no flavour punch as the chickpea and herb blend is super flavourful with juicy beetroot to round it out. If you want to get funky, add some fried pineapple for an extra $2—you will not regret it. Beware: you will make a mess. It’s inevitable. Slide the napkin dispenser closer and embrace this delicious vegan morcel. 

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Ol Dear Jervois, you are the master of brunch. From your Vegan Macro bowl to those Caramelized Waffles, we fell in love with you long ago. But the love just got a whole lot steeper when they revealed their open for dinner Friday and Saturday evenings! Anything from this team is a sure fire success so we've got zero doubt in our mind that this dinner menu will be boasting some of the best vegan dishes we've tasted! Our pick? The Vegan tacos with refried kidney beans, kumara, grilled eggplant and avocado salsa brimmin with cashew aioli—holy moly! 

Petra Schwarma


What a find! Tuesday night proved to be of the quiet variety for this Kingsland hideaway—but let that be no indication of the quality of feast to be had within. Grab a marker and tick away at Petra Schwarma’s laminated menu in front of you. Wraps, falafel, baba ganoush…this quintessential Middle-Eastern fare is very vegan friendly. Admittedly the menu can be a little confusing, so just be sure to circle the “vegan” symbol, let your server know you’d rather skip the animal products and they’ll do just that. Gluten-free wraps are also available for those of you interested.


Mt Eden

Being a vegan kid is all good in the hood at Ralph’s. The Dominion Road eatery takes inspo from American diners with a menu boosting burgers, curly fries, slaw and fried chicken (for your meat-eating pals). We’re big fans of their vegan mac burger starring a hearty vege patty and big mac sauce (of the vegan variety, of course). Enjoy this with a side of crispy curly fries dipped in vegan mayo—yass please!

Soul Thai

Grey Lynn, Mt Eden

If the pyjamas are calling out and your willpower is low, there’s always delicious Thai takeout on offer. Soul Thai know how to handle the vegan pad Thai so open your default browser, tick off your choices, request that your vegetarian dish be vegan (we like to add a smiley face after “vegan please”) and they’ll hold the fish sauce and egg. If you’ve got any questions just give them a call and they’ll let you know what can/cannot be done—it’s that easy! Even more so if you’re within their delivery areas too. 

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Image credit: Lydia Arnold

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