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The Ultimate 101 Things To Do In Auckland

By Marilynn McLachlan
28th Sep 2016

101 Things To Do In Auckland

You may have noticed that we here at The Urban List love Auckland with a fierce passion. We can’t get enough of its food scene, its drink scene, the people and the totally epic things to do. Our diaries are filled from dawn til dusk as we try to make the most of this fabulous city.

So, to help you do the same, we’ve rounded up 101 downright awesome things to do in Auckland. 

  1. Laugh out loud at The Classic.
  2. Dance until you can no longer stand at The Longroom. It’s a thing.
  3. Eat a kebab from Eden Kebab Stop—totally authentic and totally drool-worthy. 
  4. Go to one of the Auckland Theatre Company’s performances. Get carried away with emotion.
  5. Raise your pinky as you drink high tea at Alberton House.
  6. Have a picnic at Judges Bay before heading to the Parnell Baths.  
  7. Take a torch and explore the depths of the North Head tunnels. Be sure to make weird sounds to hear your voice echo. 
  8. Put your hand on your heart for the anthem at an All Black’s match at Eden Park.
  9. Get your caffeine fix at one of these places
  10. Almost get blown away as you visit the Muriwai Gannet Colony. 
  11. Sit in the dragon and have your pic taken at the Auckland Zoo. 
  12. Soak in our history while enjoying a bevvie at these classic pubs
  13. Play golf in the dark here.
  14. Suck back shucked oysters at Ostro
  15. Gaze longingly at the stars at the Stardome Observatory.
  16. Dress all fancy pants and head along to the ASB Classic.  
  17. Have dinner at the recently reopened O’Connell St Bistro
  18. Discover all the different plants and flowers at the Botanic Gardens. 
  19. Have a photo inside the tree by the car park before you swim in the Kitekite falls. 
  20. Match your beersies with your food at this West Auckland brewery
  21. Dress up and pretend you’re a fairy and dine at Ponsonby’s Fairy Shop
  22. Run at least one marathon. 
  23. Go on a dumpling tour. Yes, a dumpling tour. 
  24. Do what your parents did as teenagers and dine at the Mexican Café
  25. Max out your credit card along Ponsonby Road. 
  26. Soak in the views as day turns to night at Harbourside.
  27. Spend at least one night at SKYCITY hotel. Because who can make it home?
  28. Eat and drink everything you can at Taste of Auckland. 
  29. Grab a pint at our city’s oldest brewery—the Shakespeare
  30. Forget about hearing sweet nothings, eat them at Milse
  31. Spend a day with friends and family at Long Bay. 
  32. Devour the choc pot at the Blue Breeze Inn
  33. Sit astride a cannon and have your pic taken. Museum or North Head, take your pick.
  34. Head out to one of these night markets. 
  35. Dominion Road, Ponsonby Road, Sandringham Road, K Road…choose your poison and eat your way along it. 
  36. Scream until you’re hoarse on the Stratosfear at Rainbows End.
  37. Forget milkshakes. It’s all about the freakshakes.  
  38. Go on a tiki tour. North, south, east, west…there are gems everywhere. 
  39. Explore the Hauraki Gulf. All that beauty on our doorstep. 
  40. Act like a tourist (even if you are) and take a bus tour of Auckland.
  41. Eat a chocolate pastry and then alleviate the guilt with a smoothie at La Cigale
  42. Dine in a tree house. 
  43. Lick an Oob ice cream at Matakana. 
  44. Eat all the dumplings at Lucky Lucky Dumplings
  45. Do a ‘Class And A Glass’ at TRUE food & yoga
  46. Find all the glow worms while climbing to the top of Rangitoto.
  47. When at top of said volcano, look back and marvel at our spectacular city. 
  48. Face your fears and go to the top of the Sky Tower on a rainy day—that lift moves, you know.
  49. When you reach the top, laugh death in the face as you jump up and down on the glass. 
  50. Eat anything and everything at these all-you-can-eat restaurants
  51. Sneak a kiss with that special someone at the Wintergardens. 
  52. Ride your bike along the stunning Pakuranga shared path. 
  53. Burn your tootsies on a West Coast beach on a summer’s day. 
  54. Treat yourself to a little magic at Bracu. The food, the venue, the ambiance…it’s all there. 
  55. Buy at least one vintage-style outfit.
  56. Walk around MOTAT in said outfit. 
  57. If money’s no object, then work your way through this list.
  58. And if it is…then you’d best do this one
  59. Drink craft beer, eat free popcorn and play a board game at The Lumsden
  60. Play a game of golf. 
  61. Make the trip to Great Barrier Island and volunteer for a day or two. 
  62. Eat cheese from this food truck
  63. Umm and ahhh before finally making your food choice at Elliot Stables. 
  64. Have a picnic at Pt Chev beach before swimming to the raft and sunning yourself. 
  65. Try to find your ancestors on the memory wall at the Auckland Museum.
  66. Drink (and eat) the epic Bloody Mary at Scarlett Slimms and Lucky
  67. Scream your way down a hydro slide at Waiwera Thermal Resort.
  68. Laugh really loudly as a live studio recording of one of our local shows—Family Feud, 7 Days, Jono & Ben—and see if you can hear yourself when it screens. 
  69. Attend a concert at Western Springs. 
  70. Eat Nutella…allllllll the Nutella
  71. Grab your mates and go on a pub crawl…on a beercycle, no less. 
  72. Climb the Kennedy Park stairs. We can’t, but #goals. 
  73. Appreciate the wildlife at Tiritiri Matangi Island.
  74. Rest on a bean bag and read a book down at Wynyard Quarter. 
  75. Work your way through these 50 meals if you call yourself a true foodie. 
  76. Wait for a calm day and go stand-up paddle boarding. What SUP?
  77. Make your own kombucha
  78. A dessert at Giapo is a given. 
  79. Stay up all. Night. Long
  80. And, if you get hungry, devour these late, late night eats.
  81. Walk the rocks from Red Beach to Orewa, stopping for a swim in the cove.
  82. Walk from coast to coast. It can be done, we promise. 
  83. Sing along with celebs at Christmas in the Park. 
  84. Enjoy the best of Auckland’s bar scene. 
  85. Love free things? We do, too. 
  86. See a local show at The Basement.
  87. Afterwards fill that tum at Tanuki’s Cave
  88. Realise that there are some things that are so Auckland they hurt
  89. Stay still and let a butterfly land on you here
  90. Save for a house. Just jokes. 
  91. Enjoy the Vodafone Music Awards live. 
  92. Discover all of Auckland’s secret bars, restaurants.
  93. And work your way through this hush hush list of things to do
  94. Soak in the breathtaking views during these walks and hikes
  95. But if it’s pouring outside, why not work your way through this list?
  96. Learn how to make delicious pasta here
  97. Eat all the breakfast. (65 cafes)
  98. Check if you can really call yourself an Aucklander. (JAFA)
  99. Up your Gram action by working your way through this list
  100. Lick your fingers after eating Auckland’s best fried chicken
  101. Keep reading The Urban List, coz you know there’s going to be whole lot more to discover in our wonderful city. 

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Image credit: Auckland NZ

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