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30 Things You Need To Do In Auckland This Year

By Olivia Atkinson
26th Jan 2017

30 Things You Need To Do In Auckland This Year

Helloooo, 2017! How nice of you to grace us with your presence. There have been a couple of changes this year (cough, cough, Trump), but nothing is going to stop us from having a truly amazeballs 2017.

To help get things rolling, we’ve found a couple of things to chuck on your bucket list. Be it chowing down on a doughnut burger (yes, it exists) or finally getting that tattoo, here are 30 things you need to do in Auckland in 2017.

  1. A bar WITH a bowling alley?! Uh huh, Dr Rudi’s is a total game-changer and you’re going to wanna check it out.
  2. Experience the taste sensation that is White + Wong’s. Order the roti rolls, dumplings and pork belly bao. Thank us later.
  3. Take the plunge and discover the best swimming holes in and around Auckland. Preferably during summer…
  4. Take to the skies and walk around (or jump off) the Sky Tower. Make this the year that you actually do it.
  5. Experience the wondrous creation that is an Oreo Creme Egg. It’d be rude not to. 
  6. Get your skates on and rollerblade along Tamaki Drive then treat yo’self to fish n’ chips at Mission Bay.
  7. Calories? Pffffft. You deserve this doughnut burger.
  8. Boogie your butt off at Ponsonby Social Club. It’s an oldie but a goodie.
  9. Leave your stomping ground and explore some other parts of A-town for once. We’ve got the best things to do in North, South, East and West.
  10. While you’re at it, visit the best cafes and restaurants in North, South, East and West.
  11. Finally use that tent that’s been collecting dust under your bed and camp at some of these epic spots.
  12. Get your A into G with these oh-so hard-core exercise challenges.
  13. Have a special someone who you want to spend the rest of your days with? Shucks. Put a ring on it at one of these spots.
  14. Or finally find a hot date. Here’s how.
  15. Love dessert? Samesies! Here are 50 of Auckland’s best to try.
  16. Go on a bike pub crawl because why the heck not?
  17. Adequately prepare for winter. Let 2017 be the year you don’t freeze your tits off.
  18. Think you’ve done everything there is to do in Auckland? Think again! Bet you haven’t tried these.
  19. Bite the bullet and get that tattoo you’ve been meaning to for, like, seven years. You’ll be in good hands at these studios.
  20. Who doesn’t love a food challenge? See how you fare with Auckland’s spiciest dishes.
  21. Turning the big 3.0 this year? Well, here are all the things you should do before it happens.
  22. Eat all these breakfasts. ALL of them. No excuses.
  23. If, like us, you’re trying to save a few dollies but also really, really love food, then this is the list for you. You’re welcome.
  24. Stop pissing your barista off. Seriously. Here are 12 things your barista wishes you’d stop doing.
  25. Do your lovely ol’ rents a fave and move the heck out of home. Auckland rent may be expensy but they want some space.
  26. Speaking of, try and move without crying or killing anyone.
  27. Be the perfect diner and stop doing these annoying things. Seriously, here are 32 things your waiter/waitress wishes you would stop doing.
  28. Hate getting booty bumped in the club? Say no to another night out and spend your Saturdays on the comforts of your couch.
  29. Find the right exercise for your star sign. If you’re a Gemini trying to become a yogi, you might be on the wrong track.
  30. Fully embrace your singledom and work your way through this handy dandy list. Your life will change.

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Image credit: Bob McCree

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