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50 Things To Do In Auckland Before You Die

By Emma Pickles
10th Jul 2018

Auckland is quite the hip and happening city, isn’t it? It seems like every day more cafes, restaurants, bars and events are popping up, making your ‘things to check out in Auckland list grow longer.

Having said that, there are some things to do in Auckland that are just non-negotiable—no matter what new and exciting things pop up. Here are the 50 things you have to do in Auckland before you die.

  1. Have a beer at Hallertau. Obvs.
  2. Taste all of the chocolate at Miann
  3. Eat a pie at one of these places. Make sure to blow on it first. 
  4. Get fish and chips and watch the sunset on Mission Bay. Because you don’t really live in Auckland if you haven’t done this.
  5. Get any form of baked good from Bread and Butter Bakery. Actually, get two. Or three.
  6. Go look at the Sky Tower. Ha, jokes. Don’t do that.
  7. Pack some wine and cheese and head to Mount Eden for a picnic with a stellar view.
  8.  Or eat cheese and drink wine at these places.
  9. Join the masses for a Saturday morning coastal walk along Tamaki Drive, followed by coffee or a cheeky ice cream at The Store On Kohi
  10. Walk the pink pathway. Selfie or it didn't happen. 
  11. Get a burger from Fokker Bros and try out their maple bacon doughnut burger. 
  12. Find some authentic spices and chai at Satya Spice and Chai Shop.
  13. Indulge your sweet tooth with freakshakes from Cereal Killa
  14. Go to Rangitoto for the day—climb up the mountain, check out the lava caves, and go for a swim if you’re brave. Just remember to take a packed lunch.
  15. Get a table at Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar. Surely this would be possible at some stage before you die.
  16. Eat all the oysters (and take in the coastal view) at The Oyster Inn.
  17. Go on a road trip to one of these strawberry picking spots and then try some real fruit ice cream!
  18. Grab a boogie board and fly down the dunes at Bethells lake. FYI don't wear white. 
  19. Try a dessert dumpling from Xuxu. Yes you read that right. Banoffee or chocolate fondant? Both!
  20. Two words. Glow worms. See them glow here
  21. Try a toasted sandwich from Weirdough and Tuck—preferably the duck fat potatoes, black truffle, cheddar and mozarella . So much yes.
  22. If gin is your thing then go to The Gin Room.
  23. But if it's wine? Head here. 
  24. Try 100 kinds of vodka and Russian cuisine at the Vodka Room
  25. Go to the Te Atatu Markets in summer time for truck dinners, bevvies and glorious sunsets.
  26. Book yourself in for the Japanese degustation at MASU—it's worth the wait.
  27. Go for a jog around Cornwall park and if you can head up One Tree Hill. It's so pretty.
  28. Go check out the plethora of cheese, olives and prosciutto at Sabato.
  29. Try SUP (stand up paddle-boarding) at these picturesque spots.
  30. Go for a Friday night whiskey at The Jefferson.
  31. Devour a waffle burger for dinner while enjoying the live music at Orleans.
  32. Go out for a fancy high tea (with whisky) at Bellini.
  33. Work your way throught these fried chicken hot spots
  34. Stroll through the Avondale markets on a saturday morning and get heaps of fresh produce at bargain basement prices.
  35.  Head to The Hunting Lodge before strolling through the Sculptureum. 
  36. Go for breakfast at Dear Jervois and remember a camera. 
  37. Go to Win-Win for an ever-changing cocktail and jelly creations. Winning. 
  38. Get the best authentic wood-fired pizza of your life at Dante’s Pizzeria.
  39. Spot a spectacular whale right in our harbour. 
  40. Watch the sunset at Piha. There is nothing better. 
  41. Jump in the car and go camping at these beautiful spots
  42. Spice up your life at these Indian hot spots.
  43. Enjoy a Sunday evening stroll around Lake Pupuke.
  44. Wine taste, eat and subathe your weekend away on Waiheke. 
  45. Stuff yourself with gelato from Giapo.
  46. Treat yourself to a box of joy delivered to your door from Doornuts. 
  47. Try a GIANT dumpling at The Lantern Alley
  48. Catch a flick at The Vic
  49. Start your weekend right with French pastries from La Cigale French Markets. 
  50. Devour poutine from The  Fed.

Image Credit: Todd Eyre.

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