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The Best Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
29th Mar 2016

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We know Auckland like the back of our hands. We know who brews the best coffee, who’s got the best burgers and where to get the best doughnuts. While these things are all pretty norms, turns out there’s a fair few weird and wonderful things to do around Auckland town. Whether you’re into zombies, treehouses or cats, there’s something for everyone in this city of ours. We’ve uncovered 10 things you didn’t know you could do in Auckland.

Break Free From An Escape Room

Whether your name’s Harry Houdini, Andy Dufresne or Michael Scofield, you’re gonna love Auckland’s Great Escape. Working in a team of three to six escapees, you have an hour to work your way out of a locked room. Not to be confused with Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape, the real life escape game will test your intellect, creativity and—most importantly—teamwork! May the odds be ever in your favour. 

Kayak To Rangitoto At Sunset

Didya know that you can kayak to Rangitoto at sunset? Nope? It’s recent news to us too! Auckland Sea Kayaks operate a daily tour from St Heliers to ’Toto and back again. Once on the island, you can trek to the summit to enjoy a bee-utiful sunset before refuelling with a hearty dinner on the water’s edge. Then it’s all aboard as you paddle back to mainland in the dark—fun!

Party In A Treehouse

Your treehouse days aren’t over yet! Remember The Redwoods Treehouse from the Yellow Pages campaign back in ’08? Yes? No? Well they built a pod-shaped hut in a redwood tree near Warkworth and it’s all sorts of awesome! Your childhood treehouse has nuthin’ on this 10-metre high hut. It can hold up to 50 guests and can be hired as a venue for events, parties and weddings. Talk about #weddinggoals.

Laugh Your Way To Good Health

We get it, the idea of a laughter club sounds hella weird. But let us assure you it’s a delightful experience (and also very good for your health!). Laughter Yoga involves a group of people coming together to laugh for no reason. No jokes, no comedy, no humour—just a good ol’ chuckle. Why? Laughing is like a detox for your lungs. It rids them of stale air and replaces it with fresh oxygen, making you feel energised and as happy as Larry. Find your nearest laughter club here

Smash Golf Balls At 3am

Why sleep when you can play golf? Lucky for us Jafas, Auckland is home to New Zealand’s only 24-hour driving range. JK’s World of Golf is open from dawn to dusk to dawn again. A bucket of 100 balls will set you back just $13. Holla.

Escape Zombies

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Test your skills at Auckland’s Zombie Survival Challenge. Their corporate team building challenge involves you and your colleagues navigating the countryside as you fight off (what we can only assume) are flesh-eating zombies. Ain't no better way to get to know your colleagues than outrunning zombies together, right?

Alternatively, Become A Zombie

Speaking of zombies, perhaps you aspire to be one yourself. Make your dream a reality at Body FX workshops. As well as face painting classes, they offer a trauma and moulage workshop. The two-day class will teach you how to make realistic-looking wounds, bruising, scars and burns. Dress-up parties just got a whole lot more epic!

Visit Auckland’s Cat Café

Auckland’s catty love was in high demand before Barista Cats and The Cat Lounge came along. At these cafes, guest can sip on chai lattes while socialising (read: stalking) with the friendliest kitties in town. Skip the flights to Japan (or the impulse cat lady buy), and head to one of these cafes for your furry fix. 

Learn To Make Fresh Pasta

If you thought making pasta meant throwing a pack of San Remo into boiling water, think again. Mt Eden restaurant Pasta & Cuore will set you on the right track with their fresh pasta-making workshops. Learn how to make the basics in the aptly named “The Basics” class before moving on to stage two: “Filled Pasta”. Buon appetito! 

…Then Master Asian Cuisine

Once you’ve sorted your tortellini from your tortelloni, head along to Sachie’s Kitchen to master cooking Asian food. There are five cuisines to choose from: Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian and Malaysian. The three-hour classes will leave you with a full tummy and a one-way ticket to becoming a MasterChef.

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