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Your Autumn Auckland Bucket List

By Marilynn McLachlan
18th Mar 2016

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The days are getting shorter as Mother Nature does her seasonal dance, but that’s no excuse for boredom. Embrace those fiery-coloured leaves, cool mornings and dark evenings by ticking off our ultimate autumn bucket list.

  1. Plant your own fruit tree—apple or pear. There are so many varieties available. You’ll be spoilt for choice.
  2. It’s so hard to keep a positive attitude when your fave sports team is losing at the end of the season. Head down to Eden Park this autumn, while everything is still so promising. 
  3. Make pumpkin everything.
  4. Embrace the cotton candy floss
  5. Splash out on a new fancy-pantsy BLUNT™LITE+ umbrella. They’re the shizzle. 
  6. Make the most of fresh autumn food by hitting Auckland’s best markets. 
  7. It’s the funny season, people! Book tickets for multiple shows at the International Comedy Festival and laugh your way through the season. 
  8. Adopt a puppy, because autumn is the season for puppies. 
  9. Take said puppy to one of these pooch-friendly cafes
  10. Show off your adulting skills by hosting a dinner party
  11. Not ready to grow up? Relive your youth with one of these epic pastimes
  12. Make the most of the abundance of colour by grabbing your camera and get snap-happy. 
  13. There’s no need to get lazy. Try one of these retro workouts for all the feels. 
  14. Take a drive out to Piha and watch nature’s beauty unfold before your very eyes.
  15. Dedicate this season to upping your Insta game
  16. Mac’n’cheese—is there any dish more perfect for cooler weather? 
  17. It’s not too late, Aucklanders. Pack that tent and hit one of these camping spots
  18. Not too hot, not too cold, but just riiggghhhtt…be like Goldilocks and enjoy high tea at one of these spots. 
  19. Love the ocean but hate to freeze? Take up SUPing.
  20. How’s your décor looking? Give it a revamp and shop up a storm at one of these spots. 
  21. Get that slow cooker out of hibernation for some lazy weekend meals.
  22. If cooking isn’t your thing, nothing quite beats a good ol’ pub feed
  23. Short on time? Workout in your lunch hour
  24. Had the same haircut since you were 16? Now’s the time to take a good look in the mirror and get the right haircut for your face shape
  25. Ditch Auckland and get a pre-winter tan in Bali
  26. Host an adult-friendly treasure hunt. Hide chocolate in the most difficult places—none of this easy-to-find nonsense. Force your guests to continue to search until they’ve found every last item.
  27. Wine. Food. Festival. Waiheke. Need we say more
  28. Cool mornings demand warmth. The answer is coffee. Every time. 
  29. Go on a winery tour. Now’s the time for stocking up on the red. 
  30. Om your way through the season at one of Auckland’s best yoga studios

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Image credit: Jim Kilgallon 

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