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Where To Get Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Perth That Actually Taste Good

By Anna Cox

Don't get us wrong, we enjoy a Friday vino, a Saturday margarita(s) and a Sunday bloody mary. But what we also enjoy is feeling particularly carpe-diem each morning, rather than sheepishly reaching for the Ubereats’ed cold pizza from the night before that may or may not still be sitting at the doorstep. This is a safe space.

Dry July is the month that simultaneously lifts you up, but shoots you back down again when you realise that the weekends, be they big or small, have caught up to you. For those who think a sober month is synonymous with zero social life, use all those newfound sobriety brain cells to think again.

Here's the round-up of everywhere in Perth that will make your dry July less of a drought and more of a wet season thanks to these seriously good non-alcoholic drinks.

The Ritz Carlton


The Ritz-Carlton has arguably the most extensive non-alcoholic offering in Perth, with endless options on offer at their fine-dining restaurant, Hearth, and swanky rooftop bar, Songbird. 

"In Songbird Bar, where the cocktail menu is inspired by its namesake, our alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails alike are inspired by iconic Australian birds. We have one of Perth’s largest selections of non-alcoholic cocktails, which feature the same level of complexity and creativity as our alcoholic menu. In Hearth Restaurant and Lounge we have introduced a range of de-alcoholised wines which have been really well received by our guests. On top of this we have an extensive selection Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits used throughout the hotel, which along with our fresh-pressed juices and mocktails gives our guests many options and choices."  — Pasquo King, Director of Food & Beverage at The Ritz-Carlton, Perth

Three non-alcoholic cocktails

Republic Of Fremantle


A sigh of relief was breathed when we saw the alc-less beverage list of The Republic Of Freo, which is served year-round. These non-alcoholic delights stink of some clever bartender who knows that pregnant women, drivers and 17-year-olds accompanying their tipsy parents are tired of soft drink mixed with cordial. I mean how can you turn down the 'Splice Up Your Life'—a nostalgic flavour trip made with fresh pineapple, lime juice and black tea syrup, blended so it's light and fluffy, then topped with yuzu soda and dusted with matcha. 

Foxtrot Unicorn


Thanks to the talented movers, shakers and stirrers at Foxtrot Unicorn, you can still enjoy the magic that is one of their in-house cocktails, made with zero-alcohol and zero-sugar spirits from the wizards at Ovant distillery (Margaret River).

“They're straight-up delicious and not overly sweet like a lot of the other non-alc products can be. There's really unique flavours and plenty of complexity, plus it's a bonus for us that they are from WA, as we love to feature local products as much as possible." — Shirley Yeung, Manager at Foxtrot Unicorn.

Nieuw Ruin


The second opening from the rockstar Foxtrot Unicorn team, no surprise to see Nieuw Ruin is also serving up a stellar selection of booze-free bevs this Dry July that'll make you wanna keep it going well into summer. You'll find us sitting out on the patio with one of their Wild Peach Dream's (Ovant Grace, quandong, salted raspberry and chamomile) in hand this weekend basking in our good life choices.

Old Bridge Cellars

North Fremantle

Old Bridge has never steered us wrong, so when they say they've put their trust in some top Australian companies to deliver actually good non-alcoholic and low-ABV drinks, we'll gladly give 'em a go.

“Nowadays the selection is much more impressive, and we can put our trust in the products. We’ve recently come across SA non-alc drinks company Polka who make a Davidson Plum & Lilly Pilly sparkling as well as a Botanical Non-Alc Spirit which exudes juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit flavours and aromas you’d only expect from a high proof gin. On the beer side, the front runners are definitely Heaps Normal and more recently Lightning Minds, WA’s first dedicated non-alc beer brand” — Toby Beeson, Old Bridge Cellars

Vic Park Hotel

Victoria Park

The Vic Park Hotel quickly became our knight in shining armour when they delivered the news of an un-boozed espresso martini, or in their words “espresso marti-no”. We realise that we can just have a cup of coffee, but the act of sipping from a coupe glass is far more glamorous than any mug or keep cup ever could be.

“By offering such a great selection of zero-proof drinks, customers can choose not to drink, or drink less while still enjoying great beverages at their favourite venues. “— Joel Westlake, The Vic Park Hotel

Varnish On King


We know it seems counterproductive to go to a whiskey bar in your god-fearing sober era but Varnish On King is making it productive. Six cocktails, zero alcohol and many funs—please thank us on Sunday morning, after your virgin blood orange sours, that you’re not looking at two Uber charges and the haunting transaction of -$255 from when you decided to shout the bar a round of shots. 



Bobeche has mastered their zero-alcohol menu, with five drinks featuring everyone's favourite naughty-tasting but nice-feeling 0% spirits from Lyre’s and Seedlip, you won’t even realise you're on a liver-vacay. “Bitter and Twisted” is not only an appt description for ourselves when looking at most non-alc menus, but also the name of our favourite deso-driver-friendly option at Bobeche. Now we all owe Bobeche a thank you for saving us from another lemon lime bitters. 

The Reveley


As we said earlier, the solution to a sober espresso martini exists and is quite a common beverage, even socially acceptable to drink at 7am. Apparently, it’s called a “Long Black”. We’d like to salute the aid that is The Reveley for bringing us the next bandaid for our booze-wound. The No-Jito. It comes in jug form, all bells and whistles (Seedlip Spice 94, strawberry, apple, lime, mint, soda) and it tastes nothing like a hangover. Their Yeah Nah-Garita (Seedlip Grove 42, mango, lime, orange, lemonade) is equally as good as its OG 18+ counterpart but tastes significantly less of calling your ex, and more of being pool-side in a tropical climate. 


Joondalup, Morley, Nedlands, Northbridge, Waterford and Freo

"We try to keep our non-alcoholic options realistic at Varsity, it shouldn't be a sacrifice of flavour or quality so we are really specific about what range we carry. Yeah Buoy from Gage Roads, Heaps Normal XPA and Heineken Zero as a beer alternative. With our Mocktail range, we wanted to make sure that it didn't feel like you weren't enjoying a cocktail, and I think our range is pretty rad. You can enjoy a Miami Vice, a concoction of fresh berries, pineapple and mint (imagine sitting on a sunny tropical beach on vacay). Our Virgin Caribbean Cane Pina Colada is a classic Pina with a little extra kick. Our insanely popular Passionfruit Magic Mojito is packed with fresh Passionfruit, butterfly Pea syrup and mint with a fancy little Fairy Floss hat. So damn delicious!" — Jake Curnow, Operations Manager at Varsity Group

Henry Summer


When the winter sun decides to stick its head out, you really can't beat a few nibbles and drinks in Henry Summer's lush courtyard with your besties. And with Heaps Normal Quiet XPAs, Seedlip G&Ts and seasonal mocktails all on the go, you can easily enjoy the afternoon without worrying about breaking your booze-free promise.

A Seedlip G&T

La Cholita


It would be a crime to leave La Cholita without a marg or two, but thankfully you don't have to go without just because you're going off the booze. The team here are shaking virgin margaritas for you to knock back with your Baja fish tacos. Nobody will even notice you're not drinking until you post about your 6am morning walk the next day.

The Old Synagogue


Rarely are we the first to stick our hands up for the dutiful role of deso driver. Unless we’re paying a visit to The Old Synagogue that is. This is the place we’re in fact happier to be drinking the mocktails rather than our usual vino, plus the added bonus of the no-hangover moral high ground is the cherry on top. We stay committed to The Garden Party to keep us road safe. That's not to say a sip of your mate's Lychee Love won’t go down a treat too. 

Milky Lane


"At Milky Lane, we pride ourselves on catering to everyone who comes through our doors to the best of our ability. From the little kids who want an amazing drink experience to the designated drivers of the group, or if you simply choose not to drink—we provide our entire cocktail list with the option to be made as a mocktail. We also have on the menu decadent loaded shakes. The variety of cocktails we provide range from the zesty and fruity to the sweet and creamy, whatever the palate of the guest we will provide a drink experience to every table. Utilising locally sourced fresh produce, we will always adapt our range to suit the needs of our beloved guests". - Milky Lane

Planet Royale


"The non-alcoholic movement has been ramping up in a big way over recent years. At Planet Royale, we have made sure that you're not limited to soda water and lime, or sugary soft drinks. Our fun and bright signature mocktails often turn heads and make people ask "which cocktail is that?". They can also be adapted to become low alcohol options served with half a shot of rum in the Aretha Franklin, or half a shot of vodka in the Rehab. Having a night out at Planet Royale is like a "choose your own adventure" game. Between our huge no and low alcoholic options, arcade games, and pinball machines, a good time is guaranteed." – Planet Royale

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Image credit: The Ritz Carlton, Foxtrot Unicorn, Vic Park Hotel, The Reveley, Henry Summer, Planet Royale

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