Where To Find Perth’s Best Dumplings

By Anna Franklyn
4th Oct 2018

They say good things come in small packages, and while we don’t mind a pizza as big as our head, when it comes to dumplings we think they’re right. There’s simply nothing better than ordering every single kind of dumpling on the menu (they’re small so you’re allowed to), filling your very own dipping saucer with all the soy, vinegar and chilli oil you can handle and eating dumplings until you cannot physically move anymore.

Lucky for you and me, dumplings have taken Perth by storm and there are plenty of good ones to be found. So here are Perth’s best dumplings.

Authentic Bites Dumpling House


If you haven’t been to Authentic Bites Dumpling House then you must not like dumplings. The xiao long bao here are ridiculous and they have got the whole of Perth acting like crazy people lining up outside, rain, hail or shine. The wontons in spicy sauce are up there as one of our favourite Perth dishes of all time.

Shy John


Newest kid on the dumpling block, Shy John's signature truffle dumplings will blow your mind. They use actual gold leaf to paint the dumplings and the effect is downright stunning.



Nothing beats a midweek dim sum lunch and CBD workers can get their fix all too easily at BamBamBoo. Order as many dumplings as you think you can handle from the iPads as you walk in, take a seat and get your soy and chilli at the ready. These guys have a huge variety so why not try something different like squid ink dumplings.

Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

If you're not into making decisions, head to Dainty Dowager and opt for their daily dumpling. Then divert your attention to the cocktail selection.

Northbridge Chinese Restaurant


Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is always packed on the weekends so get there early or be prepared to line up. Once you’re there and you’ve got a deep fried prawn dumpling on your plate you’ll be glad you waited.

Miss Chow's


We would happily eat every dumpling at Miss Chow's over and over again but make sure you try the pan fried vegetable dumplings and the pork and prawn dumplings. You should definitely grab a steamed pork bun while you’re there too. 

New Moon


Another place famous for their dim sum, New Moon makes a killer dumpling. If we're being totally honest, we don’t even know what we're ordering here half the time; just take whatever they’ve got on the cart because it’s all that good.

Wang's Treasure House


Another dim sum joint with crazy lines, if you get to Wang's Treasure House early or go in a small group you will be rewarded fairly quickly. The best thing about this joint might just be that their dim sum menu is available at night so you can have dumplings any time of day.

Apple Daily


Thursday night at Apple Daily is Dumplings and DJ nights so you can shovel dumpling after delicious dumpling into your mouth while listening to some killer beats.

Mom Dumpling House

East Victoria Park

Whether you’re a steamed or a pan-fried dumpling lover, Mom Dumpling House will sort you out, and all without breaking the bank. These are juicy parcels of goodness you’ll be scrambling to eat before your friends get to them.

Imperial Court


If you’re after damn good dim sum Imperial Court in Como is another goodie. It gets completely packed and lines out the door aren’t uncommon, but if you get there early you’ll be blessed with so many good dumplings you’ll have to roll out the door.

Canton Bay


Walk past Canton Bay on a Sunday and the crowds of people gathered outside will tell you all you need to know about how good the food is. The pan fried pork buns and the xiao long bao should be at the top of your list, but if you're up for more, the prawn and chives dumplings are pretty scrumptious too.

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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