Who’s Making Perth’s Best Sambo’s?

By Sian Briggs - 07 Dec 2015

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Chu Bakery | Image credit: Louise Coghill

Let’s bow heads and share a minute’s silence for John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. The dude loved to gamble so much that he simply didn’t have time to sit down for dinner—his servants would be all, “ooh, Earl of Sambo, you have to eat something,” and scurry in with slices of bread, meat and furrowed brows. Now a more dim man may have kept the worlds separate, but not our John, who proceeded to assemble them together like a FLIPPIN’ GENIUS. 

Today, we salute the Earl of Sambo, and sarnie devotees the world over, with our Perth sandwich bucket list. Get going. 

Emily's Corner | Breakfast Sandwich

We have a dream. That sambos will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the time on the clock, but by the content of their fillings. The fine folk at Emily’s Corner share this epiphany, with a breakfast sambo taking pride of place on their brekkie menu. Move over muesli and bugger off Benedict—here comes thick cut, traditional style toast housing beautifully marbled bacon, cooked-to-perfection eggs and a swirl of mustard and tomato sauce. Just like mum used to make, only six million times better.

Chu Bakery | Hummus Open Sandwich

Look, we don’t mean to come across as shallow. We know it’s what inside that counts. But Chu Bakery's yummy-hummy is the sexiest open sandwich we’ve ever seen. We want to put Lionel Ritchie on repeat and slow dance with it all night long. Imagine the most beautiful slice of traditional organic sourdough in the whole world, generously smothered in creamy hummus, topped with delicate curls of cucumber and a dusting of scarlet chilli flakes. Dang it, we’re not doing it justice, but trust us—this tasty fox is the supermodel of the sambo series.

Mrs S | Croque Madame Sandwich

Merci beaucoup to our fine French friends for this tres chic sambo. Mrs S sticks close to the original recipe of this Saint Germain-des-Pres second cousin to the Coon and D’orsogna toastie, using quality leg ham, tons of stringy gruyere cheese and thick béchamel sauce, with a flawless fried egg sitting atop crisp, buttery bread. Or—ta-da!—lose the egg and you can gender-swap over to a croque monsieur instead. Run, don’t walk.

Five Bar | Reuben Sandwich

Legend has it that the Cuban missile crisis was only averted because Kennedy offered Krushchev a bite of his Reuben sandwich. OK we totally made that up, but that doesn’t make this plucky Yankie sambo any less heroic. Five Bar’s version is a corker—ribbons of smoky pastrami, layers of nutty Swiss cheese and tangy sauerkraut jammed between two slabs of deep, dark, dense rye. Then the game changer—schhhhwing!—a just-so squirt of piquant Russian dressing. Yes!

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ | Wagyu Brisket Sandwich

Prepare to paleo snore the night away after knocking back this meaty lumberjack. Old Faithful soak their meat in brine for 12 hours then massage it with all kinds of natty dry rubs, so expect the flavour and texture to knock your argyle socks off. Piled with butter-soft wagyu, horseradish cream cheese, onion and greens, this epic sambo may encourage extra chin hair but is worth every bite. 

New Norcia Bakery | Tuna And Walnut Sandwich

There may have been a rehab stint involving this sambo, so we’ll keep it brief lest we pull any triggers. Look, we won’t lie, this one’s as old skool as Granny’s jam—tuna mixed with some kind of magical mayo, walnuts and spring onions, smooshed between two gallant slices of New Norcia’s famous loaves—and yet it’s ruddy delicious and more addictive than a pack of Lucky Strikes. Be prepared to never let go. *slinks off to dial sponsor.

The Merrywell | Steak Sandwich

Oh dios mio, there’s an award winner in da house. For realz! This champion chow is the Usain Bolt of the steak sambo world, scoring the coveted title of best steak sandwich in the metro area. With WA-bred wagyu beef, charred guacamole, juicy salsa and pickled cabbage, it’s no wonder this mouthwatering mix of Mexican and Orstralian flavours is inhaled by around 500 steak sambo enthusiasts at The Merrywell every week. Get on board.

The Re Store | The Works Sandwich

If we got a sniff that Armageddon was on its way, we’d head straight to The Re Store, inhale The Works, and wait for Bruce Willis to arrive. Because FUEL. This Italian heavyweight involves a mountain of salami, mortadella and coppa, layers of provolone cheese, pickled capsicum, artichokes and monster jalapenos crammed in a crusty roll bigger than Kim Kardashian’s butt. (Warning: you may groan ‘Mamma Mia!’ copious times after as you rub your new Buddha belly). 

Toastface Grillah | Danny Zuccho

We loved John Travolta in his tight black pants with his adorbs quiff, but we’d trade him in any day for Toastface Grillah’s Danny Zuccho sambo. Three reasons. 1. Loads of brie cheese. 2. Piles of jamon serrano. 3. Mouth pingin’ marinated zucchini. In summary: you’re the one that we want, you are, you are, you are, ooh, ooh, ooh, honey.

tbsp. | Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Where has kimchi been all our lives? This feisty Korean condiment—a mix of fermented cabbage, radish, scallions and a firecracker paste of red pepper, garlic, ginger, sugar and salted shrimp—leaves a flaming orgy of flavours in your gob. The clever peeps at tbsp. get this, so they popped some kimchi in a cheese and caramelised onion sambo big enough to choke a donkey and took the whole thing to a whole new level of heaven. Word.

tbsp. | Fried Chicken Sandwich

Ugh. tbsp. again. “Be original,” you say. “Talk to the kimchi,” we say back. Don’t make us choose between favourites. It’s ungodly! We won’t do it. So we’re back with more tbsp. love and a #sorrynotsorry game face and this one’s a doozy. Think moist (ew, sorry) fried pickled-brined Maryland teamed with pickled cucumber (because you can never have enough pickle) and zingy gochujang slaw to add a killer Korean kick. You’re welcome.

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