Bite Into 16 Of Perth’s Best Sandwiches

By Emma Pegrum
27th Oct 2020

Best sandwiches in perth

It says a lot about a society’s priorities when a guy who served as the Postmaster General, First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State is still better known for inadvertently inventing The Sandwich. We’re not criticising—we love sandwiches too, and believe they’re definitely more important than war and politics.

The sandwich is the great unifier of the food world—from mere bread and spread to some outrageously adventurous creations, the sandwich is enjoyable anytime, by anyone, anywhere. With that in mind, here are fourteen of Perth’s best sandwiches. Go forth and enjoy.

Mary Street Bakery | Chicken Sandwich

Perth, Highgate, Claremont, West Leederville & City Beach 

Known for their loaves, donuts and baked treats, Mary Street Bakery is also a sambo hotspot worth taking note of. Each day they line their cabinets with a freshly made supply, and quite often if you’re a little late for lunch, they’ll all be gone. The exact fillings may slightly change week-to-week but there’ll pretty much always be a veggie, meat, continental and chicken option on the go. Our pick though, definitely the chicken. Think moist pieces of chicken, with just the right amount of top-tier mayo, cheese and greens, all wrapped up in two slices of Mary Street bread—giving you a perfect bite each and every time.

Ethos Deli & Dining Room | Hot Pastrami Sandwich

East Fremantle

A sophisticated New York style deli and diner, infused with Eastern European flavours, Ethos Deli & Dining Room has to be one of Freo’s best new openings. Plus, they also take a zero-waste approach, so it earns a sustainability tick from us. You’ll find a killer charcuterie offering—think Tuscan lamb salami, truffle mortadella, and wagyu bresola—so it really should come as no surprise that when they throw these quality ingredients between two fat slices of bread, it’s going to be good. But it’s their hot pastrami sandwich that caught our eye—complete with mustard and courgette pickles, this guy will keep you happy any day of the week.

Modus | The Modus Reuben

Mount Lawley & East Vic Park

In case you missed it, this little Mount Lawley hole in the wall has expanded into a big and bright space over in East Vic Park. And with the move Modus has cemented their position as not just one of Perth’s best coffee spots, but also as a leader in the bread game. With a load of great “on toast” options, it’s perfect for brekky, but what we’re really here for is their reuben. Proving you don’t have to go big to pack a punch, this toasted reuben doesn’t contain layers and layers of corned beef, but just the right amount to keep it flavourful, juicy and let the melted cheese, sauerkraut and dressing sing. This one also has a little hint of chilli to keep you on your toes.

Little Loaf Bakery | Saturday Sandy Specials

East Fremantle

The crew at this East Fremantle gem know how to bake a loaf. And it shows, because you’ll often find they’re fresh out of bread if you don’t get down early enough. So we were stoked to see Little Loaf start slinging Saturday Sandy specials. From classic baguettes and tuna melts to Korean chilli egg sandwiches, they’ve always got something exciting up their sleeve for Freo’s sambo hunters. Our tip, follow them on Instagram so you know what’s coming and get down early to snap one up.

115 Collective | Reuben Sandwich


Yes, we know, another reuben on the list, but trust us, this Northern Suburbs gem is worth the trip. Known for cracking coffee and lo-fi vibes, 115 Collective are dishing up crowd pleasing grub for the people of Merriwa and beyond. And they’re reuben has to be one of the best, with thick slices of roasted silverside, sauerkraut, pickles, Russian dressing, and swiss cheese all toasted between two pieces of sourdough, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Panini Cnr | Carmel's Cutlet


Another great Italian deli serving some serious sangas, Panini Cnr in Balcatta has a name for serving up some of the best continental rolls around town. But we’ve got a whole other listing just for those beauties—because let’s face it, otherwise they’d dominate this list—so what we’re bringing attention to today is their cheeky little chicken number. Trust us, if you love a chicken schnitty, you’ll love this. Freshly baked bread stacked with slices of Italian chicken cutlet, crisp iceberg lettuce, and tomato, all topped with a good dose of mayonnaise—it’s so simple, and oh so good.

North Street Store | The Ham & Salami Sandwich


While perhaps best known for their jaw-dropping cinnamon scrolls, North Street Store does a mean continental roll too. Nice, thin lashings of ham and salami nestle into the crunchy, house-baked baguette (it’s all about the bread, here), with crispy lettuce and tasty mayo the finishing touches. They sell out quickly so we recommend grabbing yours in the morning, even if it’s for lunch!

Il Lido | The Meat Sandwich


Changing up the offering daily, Il Lido tends to have two sandwiches to choose from: the vegetable sandwich, and The Meat Sandwich. As much as we like veggies, you just can’t go past some good Italian meats in a sandwich. Typically accompanied by goodies like pickled beetroot and house-made mayo, you can definitely bet your lunch-buck on these babies.

The Re Store | The Works Sandwich

Leederville & Northbridge

The home of all things delicious in Perth, it’s no surprise that The Re Store is crafting one of Perth’s best sangers. There’s a little list of typical combinations to choose from, as well as, of course, the ability to build your own sandwich, but we recommend just going straight in for The Works. This is a sandwich to satisfy any hunger—it’s got meat, it’s got cheese, it’s got salad, and it’s got all the extras you could dream of.

Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie | The Farmer Ham


Crunchy bread is king at Jean Claude, where a variety of baguettes fill the cabinets and the line spans around the corner of the block on the daily. It’s hard to go wrong with your choice here, but The Farmer Ham is a stand-out. Leg ham, lettuce, tomato, gherkins and cheddar cheese encased in a crusty white Farmer roll that’ll have you savouring every last bite, and not least because it takes some chewing.

Golden Bakery | The MYO Sandwich

Perth & Osborne Park

This unassuming CBD bakery is punching well above its weight in the Perth sandwich game. You’ll find Golden Bakery on the corner of William and Murray; a cabinet full of golden-baked pastries street-facing, and the MYO sandwich line streaming down to the back-right corner of the shop. It’s all about you here: choose your bread (roll or sliced, white, multigrain, or rye), choose your meat, your salad, your extras, your sauce. You might need to dislocate your jaw to eat the things, but the taste and price (never more than $10) make up for it.

Little Sister Delicatessen | The Sandwich Of The Day


With bread delivered warm from the North Street Store oven daily, Little Sister Delicatessen is putting their own spin on the classic French baguette and showcasing their premium ingredients while they’re at it. You can usually choose from two different daily baguettes, each one as delicious as the last. Our recommendation: go in pairs, grab both and split them.

Black Truffle | The Caprese Sandwich

North Fremantle

It’s a no-brainer that Black Truffle is crafting some of the best sandwiches going around, but undoubtedly their best combo is that of buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil and prosciutto. Best eaten salty and sandy after a morning spent at the beach.

Lowdown | The Toasties


CBD coffee-cravers are drawn here for the exceptional coffee, but an order of one of Lowdown’s mouth-watering toasties tends to go hand-in-hand. And no, ‘The Toastie’ is not necessarily a menu item, but we couldn’t play favourites here (plus the offering changes regularly). Pick a sandwich, any sandwich, and you’ll walk away satisfied!

Toastface Grillah | The Chilli Cheese


Because no list of great sandwiches is complete without a solid cheese toastie; The Chilli Cheese at Toastface Grillah is what dreams are made of. Melt-in-your-mouth cheddar is doused with chilli and smoked paprika and toasted ‘til golden. You’ll be ordering double.

East Village | The Reuben

Perth & Hillarys

Named after the trendy NYC borough, East Village is packing all of the city’s favourite flavours into a menu full of pizza, burgers, hotdogs and wings—plus one of our new favourite Reuben Sandwiches going around. Seriously, this thing is stacked with thick-cut corned beef, lashings of pickle and sauerkraut, melting swiss cheese, coleslaw and their famous home-made dressing—and it’s insanely good. 

Prefer yours toasted? Here are Perth's best toasties with the mosties.

Image credit: East Village

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