23 Things To Do In Sydney If It Actually Snows This Weekend

By Sophia Fukunishi - 21 Jun 2016

snow in Sydney

ICYMI, the weather guys are telling us to brace for some Tyra Banks level of fierce weather this weekend. And with snow predicted to fall all the way up to Queensland, there’s going to be hail, wind, thunderstorms and very little reason to want to leave the comfort of your couch/bed.

On the off-chance that it does actually snow in this city of ours, we’ve put together a handy little list of all of the things you could do. But seriously though, wouldn’t it be crazy if it did?! 

  1. All of the snow angels! 
  2. Start snow fights with anyone and everyone because everyone loves having hard-packed ice water thrown in their direction.
  3. Complain constantly and consistently about the weather we’re having. Throw in phrases like “El Nino”, “Global Warming” and “moving to the Caribbean” for bonus points.
  4. Binge watch OITNB for hours on end with little to no guilt.
  5. Eat all of the carbs.
  6. Order in all of your meals and feel the sense of guilt when the delivery guy comes to the door, shivering and damp.
  7. Celebrate Christmas in July early and use the excuse to finally get wear out of that daggy Rudolph jumper you’ve been hoarding for times like this. 
  8. Post throwback photos from that time it was warm
  9. Make your Heat Wheat your new best friend. And give it a name.
  10. Buy gumboots, wear them everywhere and refuse to take them off.
  11. If anyone at work asks you to do anything tell them you're "snowed under". Laugh hysterically.
  12. Yellow snow! Are you kidding? Ew.
  13. Boil a pot of tea. Forget about it. Re-boil it.
  14. Take 100,000 selfies using the following hashtags #snow #cold #freezing #winter #prayforsydney #sydneystorm
  15. Get your Nigella Lawson on and cook up a storm. Sensually.
  16. Book a tropical holiday.
  17. Use your so-on-trend pool lilos from summer as toboggans. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
  18. Furiously scroll through your Instagram feed as you enviously watch your friends who are off sunning it up on the other side of the world.
  19. Continuously look out the window to see if it has cleared. Hint: it hasn’t. And it may never.
  20. Learn how to make mulled wine or mulled cider, or basically anything warm with alcohol.
  21. Use this time to give the whole house a good clean out. Lol. Kidding. Just sit around in your own filth.
  22. Have your life partner accept the fact that a fuzzy dressing gown and Uggs are now your at-home uniform.
  23. Rewatch The OC's Chrismakkah episode because you never stopped loving Seth Cohen.

And in keeping with the winter theme, here are 21 truths about a Sydney winter.

Image credit: Marija Mandic

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