50 Things To Do (And Not Do) On a Date in Brisbane

By Daniel Colasimone
22nd Mar 2015

There are good dates and bad dates. There are also amazing dates (ie you get laid at the end) and there are catastrophically horrendous slow-motion-train-wreck dates.

In order to help out our readers, we have made up a list of things to do on a date in Brisbane that will hopefully see you and your companion have a good-to-amazing time together.

In order to prevent tears, screaming tantrums and premature break-ups, we have also included just as many suggestions of what NOT to do on a date.

Let us know in the comments when you have completed all these.

  1. Do experience the bawdy atmosphere of a Mexican cantina at Los Villanos at the Barracks. Stuff yourself on fresh, tasty Mexican food while getting charmingly wasted on tequila-based drinks.
  2. Don’t make your date eat your ‘special homemade nachos’ which consist of Doritos topped with whatever leftovers you have lying around that could vaguely be construed as Mexican (avocado dip, baked beans, cottage cheese, etc.).
  3. Do go for a sexy dip together at Cedar Creek Falls, preferably early on a weekend or during the week when it’s not packed with every variety of humanoid. 
  4. Don’t try to go for a sexy dip together at Southbank on the first day of school holidays, when every snot-nosed kid in Brisbane has the same idea. 
  5. Do go to the Blue Room Cinebar where you can eat, drink, be merry and watch a film.
  6. Don’t invite him/her around to eat leftovers and binge watch Ally McBeal/West Wing repeats.
  7. Do pick up some delicious cold meats, cheeses and other goodness at the Standard Market Company in the Gasworks and head for a picnic alongside the river.
  8. Don’t offer him/her some pizza shapes, a half-eaten container of French Onion dip and an afternoon on the couch.
  9. Do catch a comedy show at the Powerhouse and follow it up with a swanky meal at Watt Restaurant.
  10. Don’t tell that racist joke that got your fired from your last job.
  11. Do share a designer hotdog and fantastic cocktail at Manhattan Line.
  12. Don’t take your date to Wendy’s for a hotdog and milkshake.
  13. Do spend a morning antiqueing in Woolloongabba.
  14. Don’t drive your date around on kerbside collection day picking up other people’s junk.
  15. Do the Boggo Road Gaol ghost tour to experience the creepiness together.
  16. Don’t attempt to ‘creep out’ your partner by hiding in their ceiling every night until they fall asleep, then making crying child noises only to the point where they start to wake up, then stopping, then starting again when they fall back asleep, and also leaving little totems around the house for them to find during the day such as a child’s hairbrush or a raggedy doll etc, then insisting whenever you come over that you heard someone running up and down the hall or tapping on the window. 
  17. Do bop around together at one of Brisbane’s trampoline parks, Skyzone or Bounce.
  18. Don’t tell your date you have bought a new waterbed and he/she should come around to ‘break it in’ with you.
  19. Do a cooking class together at Mondo Organics.
  20. Don’t think it’s a good idea to cook your partner your famous Maggi 2 minute noodles, sweet and sour sauce and tuna concoction.
  21. Do hit up one of Brisbane’s brilliant weekend markets early in the morning and tuck into a hearty breakfast before buying something fresh to cook at home for lunch.
  22. Don’t offer your special sleepover friend from last night an Up&Go and a Nurofen, as long as they leave ‘within the next 10 minutes.’
  23. Do spend a breezy afternoon at The Bounty bar, in Rosalie, talking about what a funny fellow Tony Abbott is over a bottle of white wine.
  24. Don’t spend a breezy afternoon in your living room watching cricket and cans of Woodstock Bourbon.
  25. Do go along to a real estate auction dressed as a pair of wealthy bidders and have fun psyching out the other couples.
  26. Don’t accidentally buy a house. Then you’d have to get married and stuff.
  27. Do cook up your own exquisitely tasty, smoky BBQ at one of Brisbane's many Korean joints.
  28. Don’t try to recreate the Korean-style burning-hotplate-on-the-kitchen table at home. Best case scenario is third-degree burns, worst case scenario is a smouldering pile of ashes instead of a house.
  29. Do head to UQ for a relaxed game of tennis on their world-class courts, followed by a cup of coffee and maybe a scone for the winner.
  30. Don’t ask your date to throw you tennis balls then take dozens of photos of you taking classic catches for your ‘Classic Catches’ Facebook album.
  31. Do a board games bar crawl, hitting up Brisbane’s best bars with games while imbibing a few drinks along the way. Don’t forget to keep score.
  32. Don’t invite your date around to play ‘a casual game of poker’ and clean them out for all they’re worth, then threaten to crush their head in a vice when they can’t pay you back.
  33. Do go bookstore hopping together and each buy a book for the other person.
  34. Don’t ask the other person around to listen to you read Eragon out loud from cover to cover.
  35. Do try to have a date night at Longtime, where the food is amazing but the atmosphere is as fun and rowdy as a bar.
  36. Don’t do the have dinner/get drunk thing in the wrong order and find yourselves demolishing kebabs in the valley at 3am. Believe me there are no sexy times to be had after that.
  37. Do spend a Saturday morning at the dog park and see who’s best at matching the dogs with their owners. If you don’t have a dog of your own to take, best borrow one or you’ll look a bit creepy.
  38. Don’t invite your date over to watch DVDs of the Westminster Dog Show.
  39. Do check out the Eat Street Markets and try as many things as you can possibly fit in your bellies.
  40. Don’t go to Sizzler and eat as many things as can possibly fit in your bellies.
  41. Do play a round of mini golf at the Victoria Park Golf Club.
  42. Don’t ask him/her around to play late night cane toad golf with you.
  43. Do head along to Craft Red Hill’s free wine tastings on Friday evening, or beer tastings on Saturday afternoon.
  44. Don’t force your partner to drink your possibly lethal home brew.
  45. Do have a Mad Men date night, which involves watching an episode or three of the show then dressing the part and heading somewhere like The Gresham for classy cocktails.
  46. Don’t have a Game of Thrones night, which involves watching the show then half the people you know dying horrible, violent deaths.
  47. Do invite him/her to join you at your yoga class.
  48. Don’t invite him/her to join you at your court-ordered anger management class.
  49. Do go paddle boarding on the Brisbane River.
  50. Don’t go swimming in the Brisbane River.

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