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We’ve Found The Best Hot Cross Buns in Brisbane!

By Sophia McMeekin
30th Mar 2015

As Easter approaches, all thoughts at The Urban List turn to one small doughy creation: the hot cross bun. Namely, where can we get some, and whose are the best hot cross buns in Brisbane? 

Our annual Hot Cross Bun Taste test is usually a flurry of butter knives and raised voices, with debates over moisture, squidginess, and appropriate spice levels. This manic carb-fest, while delicious, has only proven to illustrate that the range of buns in town is huge, and hot cross bun appreciation varies massively. 

It seems that one man’s perfect bun is another’s bin-filler, so this year we’ve taken a different tack: we’ve created our very first hot cross bun appreciation meter, in order to accurately rank the Brisbane’s best bakeries not on personal taste, but on each individual bun’s characteristics.

Are they light and healthy or rich and decadent? Spicy like a fruit cake, or mild like a fluffy cloud of Easter merriment? Gluten-free or sourdough? Are we taking this way too seriously? 

Click on each bun below to discover where each little beauty hails from. Happy Easter!

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