Laptop Friendly Brisbane Cafes with Free Wifi

By aj james
16th Jul 2014

When going to work means opening your laptop and finding a somewhat flat surface to work from, your pseudo office can be set up anywhere.

Sure, you've got the token 'desk'/kitchen table where all your important notes scraps of paper that only make sense to you are scattered, but at times you really need to get out of the house if you're going to get any work done. (Particularly when you're feeling a wee dose of cabin fever setting in, are running low on milk for the copious cups of tea you drink, or the painter next door is singing, Against All Odds (Take a look at me now) by Phil Collins.)

And, agreeably, it's a good song, but if the said performer is tone deaf it looses its sparkle. Not encouraging of productivity.

And so readers, we're looking at Brisbane cafes with wifi you can escape to and set up your temporary work space at – and by workspace I mean open your laptop or note book and drink bulk coffees. 

This is a celebration of those spots in Brisbane that welcome the creative souls whose work space can really be anywhere, and boast the following prerequisites; good tables, good grub, and a work appropriate atmosphere, all wrapped up with a wifi connection. As many more joints in our town come around to the very European trend of free wifi provision for customers, we're expecting this list to grow.

But, in the meantime, get busy worker bees.

Sol Breads

You feel a little smarter and somewhat greener when you're at Sol Breads. For when you're surrounded by south side intellects, and cultivators of community gardens, it's hard not to produce environmentally astute and aware work. Particularly when you're sitting at a well sized wooden table, munching away on kamut (ancient grain) toast and sipping herbal tea. 

The Rogue Rennard

Picture this – you're inside at one of Rogue Rennard's little tables and there's natural light creeping in over you and your little workspace. There's also excellent porridge this time of year and the coffee is top notch – so too the strength of the wifi connection. And the gents that work there – always so polite!

Pear Cafe & Bar

The team at Pear Cafe do seriously good and honest fare. And they'll ply you with it all day while you sit at one of their big tables and work away. In the early hours get the brain going with a plate of omega 3 heavy eggs, or if you need a little pick me up as the day wears on, a house baked treat ought to do it.  

The Library Cafe

Not surprisingly, The Library Café is at the State Library. Surprisingly, as discovered on a past visit, the coffee is rather excellent and so are the sandwiches. And seeing it's in a library you can elect to move to a proper desk on the first level should you feel inclined. You'll be surrounded by books, and have riverfront views. It's like having a corner office in Eagle Street, no?


Slink down the burrow of Brew like the busy bunny rabbit you are and you'll be rewarded with coffee, soups, sliders, savoury muffins, and a seriously good internet connection. Brisbane cafes with free wifi don't come much better.


They welcome working types, here at Sisco, and so much so they'll enquire what you're tapping away at, and again when you leave to pay, ask 'how's it progressing'. A word to the wise, don't sit across from the cake counter. It's damn dangerous.

Avid Reader

Seriously. Working in a book shop just makes sense. It's quiet. And there's an air of intellect surrounding you, as well as the smell of new books (heaven) and freshly brewed coffee. And the occasional toasted sandwich. It's no surprise Avid Reader is a favourite Brisbane cafe boasting free wifi.


Yeah! The entire street has wifi – but you'll need to choose which cafe you head to. We really like Jamie's for a little lock down aka deadline addressing – for you can sit at the far end of the counter, somewhat like a hermit and pipe up occasionally when you need a little sustenance/caffeine. Or slice of spanakopita.


Another Latrobe Terrace beauty, you could easily while away the entire day at this iconic Brisbane cafe. Don't be a pain, actually order something from Sassafras's rather expansive menu – no one met a corner fritter they didn't like.

Bitter Suite

We've been busy extolling the virtues of coffee to increase productivity, but what about alcohol, creativity's bedfellow? New Farm's Bitter Suite serve both work-inducing concoctions, and some very tasty tapas dishes, and the wifi is free at this cosy Brisbane bar and cafe.

Have we missed your favourite Brisbane cafe with free wifi? We'd love to know where you head to pump out some work, grab a little nosh, and get connected.  

AJ (or Amanda) James is a roaming writer. Based in Brisbane (when she's not on a plane or walking down a sometimes-unsavoury foreign street in search of a good authentic feed), she contributes to a number of publications on matters of food and travel. She recently launched Pepper Passport, "a publication for the avid cook, discerning and curious traveller, lover and sharer of good things, both at home and while away".

Image credit: A Beautiful Mess

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