The Best Riverside Dining (and Drinking!) in Brisbane!

By Jessica Pridmore
30th Nov 2014

Living in the ‘river city’ definitely has its advantages. We may not have a world-renowned harbour, nor do we have beaches close enough to catch a bus to (Streets Beach on Southbank does not count in this scenario). But, there is one thing that we Brisbanites do better than anywhere else—apart from the weather—we do dining on the waterfront like a boss.

Some of the best restaurants in Brisbane hold some pretty sweet riverside real estate, and on a balmy Brisbane summer’s day we think there is nothing better than bringing together your most favourite people, and having a looong afternoon/evening of great food and drink by the river.

Watt Restaurant & Bar has one of the best, uninterrupted river views in town. Tucked away in the leafy suburb of New Farm, and housed inside the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse building, Watt Restaurant & Bar feels a million miles away from the city. So peaceful, and not to mention totally gorgeous, is their little spot by the river, it has long been a favourite dining choice for the locals. Spoilt much?

The décor at Watt Restaurant & Bar is a minimalist’s dream; a sleek but totally open interior of modern concrete and industrial mood lighting, befitting a building as unique as the Powerhouse, and just bright enough for everyone to look extra gorge. Not that you need much artificial light, the enormous windows of the heritage building fill the space with sunlight, and capture those exxy views of the river. Alternatively, you can pick a spot outside, and indulge in a little alfresco dining. Fancy!

Eating at Watt Restaurant & Bar is a bit of an experience if you’ve never tried it before. Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, or dinner, presentation is meticulous and the menu is a modern take on classic dishes, but avoids all the stuffiness. Fave dishes like the seafood platter, with Watt’s infamous Thai fishcakes, oysters, and Moreton Bay bugs, is an extravagant choice, but so worth it!

But it’s not just all about the food at Watt Restaurant & Bar. There are drinks to be had, too!

All through summer, they put on one epic weekly Sunday Sizzle. We’re talking a delicious spit roast, summer cocktails, and DJ sets pumping out laid-back summer beats, all by the riverfront.

When it comes to dining by the river, Watt has the upper hand.

Image Credits: Daniel Maddock, Watt Restaurant & Bar, Brisbane Powerhouse

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