Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Steaks

By Madeline Wallman
17th May 2019

The steaks have never been higher (sorry) to steak your claim (and again) on Melbourne’s best steak. So, we’ve had a serious steak-out (last one, promise) to bring you this juicy list. From grills to pubs to the fine dining scene, here’s where you can nab a killer carnivorous feed in Melbs. Reader discretion advised: don’t scroll through this while hungry.

France Soir

South Yarra

These guys have been nailing joie de vivre longer than most, dating back to 1986 to be precise. France Soir’s classic entrecôte steak is cradled in a helping of frites and smothered in a ridiculously lush béarnaise sauce. It's stood the test of time as a frontrunner in the Melb dining ranks. This one needs to go on the top of your bucket list (if you’re not already booked in there for Friday night). Vite!

Angus And Bon


It’s Prahran’s 1940s New York-style steakhouse and has probs graced your Instagram feed a few hundred times already. Angus & Bon has the steak sandwich you’ve been waiting to fill the void in your life. If that doesn’t work, there’s the dry-aged Wagyu chuck steak, and the O’Connor’s 28-month Sirloin (our personal fave), cooked medium rare and oozing with sauce. Pro tip: go the airated Bernaise. It's out of control. 



Macelleria has been touted as Australia’s most desirable meat restaurant. BIG claim, we know. But it’s allowed at this no-bull butchery. These guys are completely transparent about where their cuts hail from. Order a plate of the signature dry-aged beef steak, or pull a DIY and pick your meat from the butchery. They'll cook it to order, complete with some skin-on fries and a tangy coleslaw. How bloody good.

The Meat & Wine Co

South Yarra 

Taking inspiration from its South African roots, The Meat & Wine Co is all about expertly aged and prepared steak in all its meaty glory. You can expect your meat to be served on the bone, with a side of hefty chips and salad (because you should at least eat *something* green!). Their Monte Beef Steak—available exclusively at Meat & Wine Co.—is absolutely sensational, and these guys even sell top-notch steak knives for at-home meat feasts. 

A Hereford Beefstuow


This Nordic-inspired steakhouse serves up deliciously-aged local steak from their custom built ageing facility in the Adelaide Hills. A Hereford Beefstuow combines great food with beautiful interiors and ridic attention-to-detail. Aside from the meat, you'll find The Garden—an all-you-can-eat salad bar featuring fresh vegetables, soft cheese, nuts and a range of preserves to add to your own salad. Rest assured, you'll be visiting more than once.

Dinner By Heston


If Heston is going to serve you steak, he’s not going to plate up any old cut. Obviously. At Dinner By Heston, the Beef Royal is inspired by a recipe originating in 1830. It combines David Blackmore wagyu, breaded ox tongue (muuuch more delicious than it sounds), mushroom relish and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Of course, you’ll be lucky to get a table, but when you do it’s 100% worth it.



The name gives it away with this underground haven. Choose between pasture-fed Black Angus porterhouse, South Australian scotch fillet and a 270-day grain-fed, 3+ score Tomahawk ribeye, served on the bone and coming in at a whopping 1.2kg. If that isn’t enough, Meatmaiden has lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, crunchy chicken ribs and burnt ends that never end. Vegetarians need not try.


South Yarra 

If you're feeling like a little bit of French, head down to Entrecote for classic bistro fare and the ever-popular steak and pomme frites. Served with bottomless french fries (obvs) and a salad of radish, walnut and mixed leaves, Entrecote's signature dish will have you dreaming of a night in Paris. Make sure not to skip the Hors D'oeuvres, with traditional escargot, caviar and tartare all necessities for an authentic French feast. 


South Yarra 

Steer seeks to represent the best of Australian-sourced beef, and boy, do they deliver. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to fine produce, so you can spare no expense and try the best of the best with a seven-course degustation menu that can only be described as 'filling'.

Boasting seven suppliers from across the country, as well as tataki beef and delicious entrees, the extensive menu highlights head chef Tom Ward's vision of creating Melbourne's best steak dining experience.

Rockpool Bar And Grill


It wouldn’t be an article about steaks without including this institution, now would it? Inspired by the great steakhouses of North America, Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill uses beef sourced only from Australia’s best producers, including Blackmore’s Wagyu, Cape Grim, and Minderoo. The meat is dry-aged onsite, ensuring max quality control.

Charcoal Grill On The Hill


Steak and red wine are a match made in gastronomy heaven, and this Kew establishment knows it. Think grain fed, mid-range marble score Wagyu beef and grass fed South Gippsland and Tassie beef. They also have some pretty stunning Wagyu MS 9+ porterhouse from time to time, and when they do it’s served up with cos lettuce and vinaigrette dressing, shredded cabbage and French fries.

La Luna

La Luna 

Melbourne’s carnivores should already be well acquainted with Adrian Richardson’s Carlton establishment, where meat is butchered and aged on site for 60-days. While everything from La Luna's rump to rib eye is always a hit, they even still serve a 200g Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, with green beans and pepperonata. If you’re feeling extra ambitious they also do a 900g steak served on the bone. Size definitely matters.

Steak Ministry

Steak Ministry 

As the name may suggest, the Steak Ministry team know what they’re doing when it comes to a solid hunk of meat. They’ve got their hands on Australia’s best wagyu (Sher wagyu, 400-day gran fed), as well as export-quality Black Angus grass fed cuts. They also have a special ‘Super Steaks’ menu, where Executive chef Chris Wade selects your piece of prime beef for you. Cheers, Chris.

San Telmo


If you’d like your steak with a healthy dose of Argentinian flare, then San Telmo in the CBD is a must. The imported Argentine charcoal grill, otherwise known as the Parilla, is the secret behind their flavoursome meats. The pasture-fed beef here is sourced from O’Connors and covers all cuts from hanger steak to premium dry aged rib-eye. While it’s tempting to go HAM on the steak, we highly recommend saving some room for their dulce de leche flan for the ultimate evening of indulgence.

The Station Hotel


Footscray’s steak stalwart may be humble about their relaxed pub environment, but the steaks are certainly worth boasting about. Their premium beef is sourced from all over Australia, including Gippsland, Cape Grim, Ballan and Rangers Valley. Try The Station Hotel's 250g Security foods (QLD) 300-day grain fed Wagyu X Black Angus rump. It comes with a salad and thick cut chips and will have you returning for a Round 2 in the very near future.

For more of the best Melbourne has to offer, head to our Best Of Guides section.

Image credit: Entrecôte | Jenna Fahey-White

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