Cool Down At 15 Of Perth’s Best Ice Cream And Gelato Shops

By Chloe Sputore
21st Nov 2019

At Urban List we have a tough time deciding whether we prefer gelato or ice cream, so we’ve decided to give them equal custody of our tastebuds. That said, we definitely have some opinions around authentic gelato and its airy, brightly coloured imposter which we have dubbed “fauxlato”. For us, real gelato is free from artificial nasties, dense and of course, freaking delicious. Here are our fave spots whipping up Perth’s best gelato.

Gusto Gelato

Leederville And Elizabeth Quay

I’m not really sure what I ate for dessert before this gem popped into my life a few years back. A graduate from gelato university in Italy, we think Gusto Gelato owner Sean Lee is responsible for some of the tastiest gelato in Perth. Our favourite Gusto flavours have to be the Gusto—roasted peanut gelato with chocolate sauce and chunks of brownie—and the apple pie. They’re all amazing though! And did we mention Gusto has Nutella on tap?

Jersey Jack Gelato


Jersey Jack is whipping up the creamiest gelato in your favourite flavours and then doing all sorts of crazy things with it. From the doughnut cone to the Little Mostro—a massive waffle cone, three scoops of ice cream, topped with two mini waffle cones—you'll always get an insta-worthy pic here! The Ferrero flavour is probably one of the best things you’ll ever taste, or if you want something different, try their signature durian soft serve or some hard to find flavours like black sesame, matcha or lychee.

Cocco Bianco Gelato


A sister store to Jersey Jack Gelato, Cocco Bianco have made themselves at home on the Cappuccino Strip and are scooping all the classic flavours you know and love, along with some of their own unique creations. Plus, you can pimp your gelato with some doughnut balls or have it piped inside cannoli—why didn't we think of that?

Pietro Gelateria

Victoria Park

With mind-blowing flavours and beautiful decor, Pietro Gelateria is master of the finer details. Dishing up creamy homemade scoops free of commercial flavourings and artificial additives, you can enjoy yours in a cone, cup, on a stick or even in a custom gelato cake.

Dumbo Gelato


Dumbo Gelato comes bearing a fresh, daily-made menu of the decadent Italian dessert from the brain-team behind epic eatery and boozy venues, El Grotto and Si Paradiso. Ignite your taste-buds with cult-favourites like vanilla honeycomb, pistachio, and mango, or dive in deep with some classic Australian flavours like pavlova, Milo milkshake, and lamington. Those looking for something gutsier can opt for one of many boozy options, or go out on a whim and try the salted caramel inspired cheese and vegemite treat—the love child of mascarpone, cream cheese, and salty vegemite. 

The Milk Barrel


The team at The Milk Barrel took home the awards for Champion Gelato and Best Small Dairy Producer (excluding cheese) at the 2017 Perth Royal Dairy Awards, so we think they probably deserve a spot on this list. But that's not what got us. No, we love them for their beer gelato and the way they make the most of seasonal fruits to bring us scoops like persimmon, fig, mango and more.

Affogato Gelateria

Mount Hawthorn

With flavours like Tiramisu, Bacio, biscotti and Rocher, you'll feel like you're in Italy when you get gelato from Affogato. The fact that it's connected to Spritz Spizzicheria, one of our all-time favourite restaurants, doesn't hurt either.

Kuld Creamery

Mount Lawley

Kuld Creamery uses the freshest WA ingredients to bring us Perthlings some seriously delicious ice cream. Think matcha fresh mint chip, peach cobbler, Nutella and Maltesers, chai and even the sweet beet cone topped with chunks of fudgy beetroot brownie. They do some great vegan ice cream too in case you and dairy are not friends.

Swan River Gelato


Forget imitation flavours and mass production, Swan River Gelato is all about balancing traditional methods and recipes with fresh local ingredients, and yes, you really can taste the difference. There are 40 flavours to choose from daily, so slip on your stretchy pants and get tasting.

Roho Bure

South Fremantle

Roho Bure does vegan gelato and they do it well. Yes, we know that vegan gelato is not 'real' gelato, but trust us, you want us to tell you about this place. With flavours like salted caramel, coconut vanilla with dehydrated raspberry dust and a raspberry coconut and cardamom flavour, it's no wonder we love it here! Plus, you can top your ice cream with one of their raw treats which is really just the cherry on the vegan cake.

Billy Van Creamy


Creating incredible flavours by hand and using only the best ingredients, it’s no surprise that the Billy Van Creamy original ice cream truck was a such a massive success in Melbourne before expanding to Perth. Think delicious organic dairy ice cream and famous housemade cashew milk vegan ice cream; there’s really something for everyone at Billy Van Creamy.

Denada Co

Pop-Up and Online

Denada Co are the guys who launched at the pop bar Ice Cream Factory and they're serving up sugar-free but completely delicious ice cream. If you can't make it to one of their pop-up locations you can order a pint online and just try not to eat the whole tub in one sitting. You can choose from peanut butter, chocolate, choc mint and vanilla and while they are all good, we can't go past a scoop of peanut butter topped with a scoop of chocolate.

Chicho Gelato


More gelato university alumni, Chicho opened up shop in Northbridge after running the market scene with their adorable gelato carts, Frank and Pina, for several years. Chicho like to bend the rules a little flavour-wise and each one tastes exactly as it sounds. They’ve got lavender honeycomb, jalapeno pineapple and matcha green tea with caramelised white chocolate. Gelato goers can also top any of their flavours with chocolate sauce from Chicho’s free flowing chocolate tap. Yum.

Stampede Gelato


Vegemite white chocolate truffle gelato. Yes, you read right. And it’s surprisingly delicious. In fact, it’s the only way I would like to consume Vegemite in the future, and that’s saying something. Stampede Gelato’s other flavours include malteser pretzels, sour red skittles and instant coffee Tim Tam ginger nut biscuit and more. You can catch them at The Mantle in Fremantle.

Whisk Creamery

Subiaco and Northbridge

Home of the pavlova cone, salted caramel cronut gelato sandwich and gelato cakes, Whisk Creamery in Subiaco whip up their soft-serve style gelato fresh, right before your eyes. Choose from their menu of icy desserts, smoothies and milkshakes or make your own sundae. Gelato flavours include jasmine tea and blue pea flower, burnt vanilla and black sesame.

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Roho Bure | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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