Perth’s Best Mexican Dishes

By Kirsty Petrides - 30 Jul 2017

El Publico Mount Lawley

Who loves Mexican? Every-Juan loves Mexican. Not only because it allows us to make stupid puns like that, but because it’s just damn tasty cuisine. The nachos, tacos, jalapenos and cheese… 

So gather your amigos pronto por favor, and start sampling some of the best Mexican our city has to offer.

Here are the best Mexican dishes in Perth.

All Of The Tacos | Caballitos


Actually, all of the dishes at Caballitos. The menu is small but the flavour is big at this Perth bar. There are four tacos to choose from and they taste just like the tacos you get in Mexico, but the quesadillas, tostadas and even the guac are also musts. You'll also want to try a largerita while you're there.

The Mole Negro Chicken | La Cholita


So ‘mole’ is Mexican for sauce, and the best known sauce in Oaxaca (Mexico’s culinary capital, for those playing at home) is mole negro. Mole negro is thick, rich and is made using a bunch of things like chillies, onions, garlic, tomato—and CHOCOLATE! Yes. Please. So you’ll probably want to get yourself to La Cholita ASAP to taste their mole negro chicken.

The Carnitas | El Grotto


Carnitas, literally meaning little meats, is a Mexican dish of tender slow cooked pork. El Grotto does a sensational version, slow braising their pork shoulder and serving it with macha salsa, pico de gallo, radishes and freshly made tortillas, so you can DIY tacos. 

The Beef Mogo Mogo | El Publico

Mount Lawley

The Mexican dish of mogo mogo is fried balls of tender spicy beef, that are then cooked in a crispy batter shell. Sound technical? It is. Luckily the team at El Publico have nailed it, and serve theirs with a spicy chipotle sauce.

The Fajitas | Mexican Kitchen


Chicken, beef, prawn or veg fajita mix served on a piping hot plate with sides of lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, rice, red peppers and flour tortillas. Nice work Mexican Kitchen.

The Chicken Tacos | Pleased To Meet You


Tasty and traditional—tender chicken tacos served with corn salsa, and if you’re still hungry for more Mexican, you can wash it down with one of Pleased To Meet You’s empanadas.

The Fish Tostadas | Bib & Tucker

North Fremantle

Bib & Tucker dish up a delicious tostada (a Mexican deep-fried maize flour pancake) topped with lime-cured market fish, fresh avocado and coriander.

The Traditional Guacamole Nachos | Tropico

North Beach

Tropico knows how to do nachos, and our favourite variety is the traditional guac. Smokey tomato and Wagyu beef nacho mix served on crunchy nacho chips and topped with homemade traditional guacamole.  

The Breakfast Burrito | May Street Larder

East Fremantle

Who doesn’t love a burrito first thing in the morning? May Street serves theirs up with spicy chorizo, feta, scrambled egg, white beans, herbs and a jalapeno sauce.

The Frijoles Enchiladas | Panchos

Mount Lawley

A single corn tortilla wrapped around a tasty frijoles filling (frijoles = Mexican beans) with Pancho’s sauce, smothered in cheese and baked to perfection. AND served with chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream.

Nachos | La Vida Urbana


The vegetarian nachos at La Vida Urbana are what nacho dreams are made of. Huge corn chips, covered in truckloads of cheese, drool-worthy beans and a very generous dose of guacamole, salsa and crema.

Want more? Here are Perth's Best Tacos.

El Publico | Image credit: Nancy Hanna, Elle Borgward, Louise Coghill

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