The New Crop Of Perth Cafes, Restaurants And Bars You Need To Know About | Part 2

By Sarah Joanna Pope
2nd Nov 2015

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Since we published this article on Perth's new crop of cafes, restaurants and bars you need to know about a mere six weeks ago, Perth's dining scene has exploded yet again with a bunch of brand spankin' new venues throwing open their doors and getting ready to throw open their doors!

This new crop of Perth cafes, restaurants and bars involves matcha eclairs, Korean fried chicken, meatballs and 1930s inspired restaurants. So roll out the welcome wagon for our new tasty friends and make sure you try them all!

Open Now



Lively Northbridge town has a new must-visit breakfast destination in Layup. This lofty and bright industrial space across from the Northbridge Hotel serves up coffee, house baked bread and epic breakfasts. 

Grouch & Co


Grouch & Co tout themselves as coffee worshippers and awesome individuals ­and Perth seems to agree. These specialty coffee roasters will serve you up a single origin ‘spro from their custom built Slayer that will knock your caffeine lovin’ sock off. 

Emily’s Corner


It seems 2015 is the year of the neighbourhood cafe and Emily’s Corner is a lovely little example. Head to this little Perth cafe for all day lunch and brekkie—until 7pm!

Holly Raye’s


The paint on the Anya Brock mural has dried, the cakes are baked and the delish coffee from Micrology Coffee Roasters is brewing and waiting for you. Bassendean locals and their furry pets now have an adorable neighbourhood cafe of their very own in Holly Raye’s.

The Local Hotel

South Fremantle

A new bar located in the 100+ year old Seaview hotel, The Local Hotel is fast becoming a mainstay of Freo townies. This heritage-chic pub has lifted the hospitality game in this busy seaside town and is the perfect place to down a pint.



tbsp. So hot right now. tbsp. They are all like “wow, here are our beautiful breakfasts all over your Instagram” and we are like “wow that looks delish” and they are like “well, that’s cause it is”. You get where I’m going with this.

Halfords Bar


Halford Bar. So sexy! This underground bar with its velvet couches and dicoball-esque lighting will make you think you’ve fallen down a sexy members-only-club rabbit hole. Bottle service please!

Gami Fried Chicken


Only the luckiest chickens fulfill their chicken destiny to become Gami Fried Chicken. Nestled down the bustling Shafto Lane, this Korean spiced chicken joint is going to be the Fat Friday food of choice. Remember that beer goes with fried chicken (they have an extensive list). You heard it here first.

Mister Walker

South Perth 

Located on the end of Mends Street Jetty, Mister Walker is the place to wine and dine with some million dollar city views. Their short menu of Australian contemporary food is sourced from local ingredients and events like Neighbourhood Mondays and Thrifty Tuesdays are on their way!

Blue Flamingo


Located where you used to dance in cages at the Old Leederville Hotel (yes you did!), The Blue Flamingo is a bar that's a mash up of South American/Cali vibes. Grab a Cuban pork sandwich and a Caipririnha in this airy tropical garden to ring in the summer.

Little Matcha Girl


Matcha, coffee and cake—oh my! Expect big things from this new cafe in Como. Little Matcha Girl specialises in exquisite Japanese inspired cakes that are baked on site. Think Black Sesame Cake, Matcha Eclairs, White Peach Financiers and creamy Matcha Lattes. Drool! 

Pappagallo Pizzeria Cafe


Get a reservation, because the uptake on this funky new pizzeria cafe has been epic. Elbow your way through the crowd at Pappagallo Pizzeria Cafe to get your hands on some of the best Italian in Perth—straight from the woodfire oven. 

Opening Soon

The Meatball Bar

Mount Lawley

Leederville’s restaurants are totes invading Mount Lawley, and we like it. It’s meatballs, it’s a bar, it’s The Meatball Bar. Eat their balls—you won’t regret it.

Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

The peeps behind Low Key Chow House in Leederville are opening up their new restaurant, Dainty Dowager, right on bustling Beaufort Street. This seductive new spot, nestled between Clarences and Five Bar, is decked out like a 1920’s Shanghai opium den and will serve up Pan-Asian fare. Opening this month!

Lord Of The Fries


Oh goody goody gumdrops! Popular east coast greeeasy vegetarian fast food joint Lord of The Fries is coming to Perth and setting up store in the uber trendy hipster vegetarian lovin’ suburb of…. Morley. Wait? What? Word on the street is that this will be up and running by Christmas. Get excited!

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