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18 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

By Alana Callus - 10 Aug 2017


Sydney is officially heating up—and we aren’t just talking about those rogue 25 degree days. You’ll be busy this weekend with a chocolate festival, the city’s most famous street run (oh heyyyy City2Surf) and most importantly: the after party. 

Whether you’re active this weekend or simply hungry, we’ve got something for you. Here are the 18 best things happening this weekend in Sydney.

All Weekend

Gelato Messina @ SmoothFM Festival Of Chocolate

Forget Christmas, the SmoothFM Chocolate Festival is the most wonderful time of year. Messina has always had a special place in our hearts, but when they named their van Choccy McChocface, we knew we’d found the one. They’ll be at the festival with three chocolate bars, as well as a ginormous (yep, ginormous) choctimus prime sundae that could easily feed two people (or just one very hungry chocaholic—no judgement). Two of our favourite things (chocolate and ice-cream, obvs) have come together and we’re just a little bit excited. 

When: Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 August
Where: Overseas Passenger Terminal
Cost: $8 – $15


Whether you consider yourself a fitness guru or you’re just in desperate need of last minute fitspo before the City2Surf (send help!), CITYFIT has arrived just in time to motivate you to get your body moving. Join surfing legend Sally Fitzgibbons for a high-intensity workout sesh, snack on healthy bites from Three Blue Ducks, then chaturanga your way into a vinyasa yoga class for charity. 

When: Thursday 10 August 3pm – 7pm, Friday 11 August 8am – 6.30pm & Saturday 12 August 8am – 4pm
Where: ICC, Darling Harbour 
Cost: FREE entry to the Expo; workouts from $15

Archibald Menu At CHISWICK The Galleries

ICYMI, the Archibald Prize is happening right now and man oh man, this year is bigger and better than ever. After appreciating all that art, you’re sure to whip up an appetite, but no fear, CHISWICK has curated a special dining package that’ll score you one main, one dessert, one beer or wine, as well as one ticket to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition. Sound good? We think so too. 

When: Until Oct 22
Where: CHISWICK The Galleries
Cost: $72

Taste Of Indonesia Food Festival

Looking for a way to spice up your weekend plans? Head to the Taste of Indonesia Food Festival at the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney for a banquet of authentic Indo noms that go well beyond your usual Nasi Goreng and laksa (don’t worry, these classics will be up for grabs too). It’s all about getting a taste for tradition with vibrant national dishes and performances, so leave the Bintang singlet at home and get a feel for the real Balinese way of life.

When: Thursday 10 – Saturday 12 August
Where: Café Mix, Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
Cost: $55

Yum Cha @ Jade Temple

There’s nothing better than an endless yum cha feast of hand-made dumplings, BBQ pork buns and sui mai. You know we’re right. Jade Temple, brought to you by Rockpool Dining Group and their culinary director Neil Perry—the team behind Spice Temple, is the temple for you to worship the lunchtime dumpling gods. Take your pick from the rotating dishes, sip on traditional tea (there’s a whole tea menu) and don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants. 

When: Everyday 12pm – 3pm
Where: Jade Temple, CBD

The Selfie Store By mark. 

Finally, your selfie game is getting the recognition it deserves—The Selfie Store by mark. is swapping cash dollars for selfies as currency for beauty products. Step one, try the products in-store. Step two, create a look and post a selfie to your socials. Step three, head to the checkout where one selfie equals one beauty product and viola, free make-up! Yes—we’re for real. Plus learn how to master the fine art of selfie with insider tips from the seriously photogenic Pia Miller and not one, but three, selfie masterclass stations. Grab your free ticket here.

When: Friday 11 August 2pm – 7pm, Saturday 12 August 9am – 7 pm
Where: Westfield Sydney
Cost: FREE

Thursday 10 August

Jazz + Pinot With James Morrison

Ditch the activewear and pop on your finest bow tie and ballgown because this Bondi adventure is sure to be even classier than a champagne brunch in the Hamptons. Besides the delish three course meal, James Morrison and his band will be the absolute highlight of the night. He’s one of the country’s best jazz musicians and this is his one and only show, so get cultured at this evening of vino with a true virtuoso. 

When: Thursday 10 August 6.30pm
Where: Icebergs Dining Room & Bar
Cost: $185

National S'mores Day @ NOLA

Ahh s’mores, how could we not dedicate a whole day to celebrating all that gooey marshmallow/melted chocolate/crumbly biscuit goodness? NOLA understands our love for s’mores and this Thursday, they’ll be pairing their Insta-worthy s’mores with a glass of dessert wine for a measly $20. They’ve taken this sweet treat to a whole new level with toasted raspberry marshmallow, Valrhona dark choc jelly and caramel ice-cream—we think we just found our dessert soul mate, but we’ll share.  

When: Thursday 10 August
Where: NOLA Smokehouse & Bar
Cost: $20

Friday 11 August

9 To Thrive By Business Chicks

We’ve found a place where can get your hair done, learn about all things finance (#adulting) and build your girl squad—all at the same time. You’ll get a big fat dose of life and career #inspo from some of the best ladies in the biz at this two day girl boss extravaganza. Take a glowy selfie with beauty queen Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty, meet Kayla Itsines and her fellow burpee business chicks from SWEAT, and soak up all the entrepreneurial wisdom of the founders of Sabo Skirt. Both your ambition and your style will be seriously refreshed.

When: Friday 11 – Saturday 12 August 
Where: Royal Hall of Industries
Cost: $35 – $70

Saturday 12 August

Zumbo S’Mores @ SmoothFM Festival Of Chocolate

We weren’t kidding when we said that we were totally head over heels for s’mores this year, so we’ll be feeding our addictions (and bellies) at the SmoothFM Chocolate Festival’s Zumbo stand this weekend. They’ve gone and made a s’more doughnut, which means they’ve stuffed a Graham cracker doughnut with chocolate custard and topped it with a toasted marshmallow meringue. No brainer? Absolutely.

When: Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 August
Where: Overseas Passenger Terminal

Your Brain on Fake News 

As the idea of fake news becomes even more popular than avo on toast (mmmmm avo on toast), it might be time to think about what effect it’s having on the way we think and behave. Bear with us. In this panel discussion, psychologists and tech experts have joined forces to figure out if we really can tell the difference between fake and real news. Can you catch out the 24-hour news cycle with FBI level investigating or are you actually more gullible than you think? You’ll have to head here to find out. Tickets here.

When: Saturday 12 August 4.30pm – 6pm
Where: Powerhouse Museum
Cost: $15 – $20


Tassie is quickly building a rep as the hidden gem of the Aussie foodie scene and now you can get a taste of Tasmania’s best in food and wine without ever having the leave the mainland with a whole day dedicated to eating and drinking. TBH, you know it’s the best way to spend any and all weekends. Taste test award winning pinot noirs, chardonnays and sparkling wines that you just can’t find in Sydney stores. And after sipping on alllll the vino and eating allllll the cheese you’ll be booking yourself a flight across the strait. 

When: Saturday 12 August 11am – 5pm
Where: Cell Block Theatre, National Art School
Cost: $60 – $100

Aaron Chen @ The Comedy Store

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, in comes Chenny Boy with an auto-tuned rendition of R Kelly. Winning Best Newcomer at both the Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals this year, Aaron Chen has proved himself to be more than just the new kid on the block. And if his stand-up show is anything like his unforgettable ABC2 soccer commentary, then you’ll be in for a night of unexpected hilarity. Grab your ticket here.

When: Saturday 12 August 7.15pm
Where: Comedy Store
Cost: $25

Sunday 13 August

Popolo’s Flavio Carnevale

Rushcutter’s locale, Popolo, is gearing up for their final service this weekend and while they’re not travelling too far—reopening in the CBD in early 2018—this is the end of an era. Head here for one last hurrah and a cheeky regina margherita pizza for us, will you?

When: Sunday 13 August
Where: Popolo, Rushcutters Bay

A Likely Story 

Ever thought your life was interesting enough to earn it’s own reality TV show? Well these guys certainly have what it takes. A Likely Story is bringing back the art of storytelling with six local creative writers and comedians to tell you all about the strange but true things that have happened in their lives. We don’t want to give too much away, so the only hint we can give you is that it’s all true.

When: Sunday 13 August, 6pm
Where: Cafe Lounge
Cost: $10

Pups At The Pub

Our friends over at the pup-friendly pub The Regent understand our unwavering love for puppers of all shapes and sizes and have found a way for you to enjoy the footy at the pub with your furry friends by your side. As they should be. To top it all off, they even host a best dressed dog competition (hot tip: dress your dachshund in a hot-dog costume) and a Karma Keg with all the proceeds going towards the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home so you can help build shelters for stray doggos. 

When: Sunday 13 August
Where: The Regent

City2Surf Afterparty: North Bondi Fish

All you can drink Aperol—need we say more? The City2Surf is happening this weekend, but much more importantly, so is the after party. Hosted by North Bondi Fish, the menu that stretches from fresh fruit platters and Bondi brunch granola to fish tacos and king crab sliders. We’ll take one of errrrything. Tickets will get you as much food as you can handle while the afternoon DJ session is free for anyone who ran the race (or just cheered from the sidelines). Go big, you’ve earned it. 

When: Sunday 13 August 11am
Where: North Bondi Fish
Cost: $95 all inclusive, FREE from 2pm 

Rehydration Party @ The Bucket List

Whether you walked, ran, or danced your way to that 14km finish line, one thing is for sure—you’ve worked up a sweat and need to rehydrate ASAP. Tick the City2Surf off your bucket list then head over to this beachside hang to recover with a drink in one hand and a taco in the other (#thedream). With a killer DJ line up, your sore legs will feel like dancing again in no time. 

When: Sunday 13 August 2.30pm
Where: The Bucket List, Bondi Beach
Cost: FREE

Here are some free things to do this month. Yeah, we got you. 

Image credit: Nola Smokehouse & Bar

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