50 Of The Best Brisbane Meals To Eat Before You Die

By Sophia McMeekin
8th May 2018


Morbid at first glance, last meals are something we ruminate on often here at The Urban List. It’s not that we have a death wish, more that our food choices in our imagined final hours force us to play favourites in a way our day-to-day eating can never deliver.

To put this list together we it up brisbane's best restaurants, then put it to the team to tell us their 'final request' Brisbane dishes to eat before they died. The results were very fattening and pretty glorious. It's your last meal, go hard.

  1. The Survey Co's Death Row Meal changes depending on the day but take our word for it: it's as lavish as you would expect. 
  2. The half Peking duck at Spice Den
  3. Penny Coffee Co.'s eggs Penny. Because puns and because delicious!
  4. Red Hook’s unbelievably good Peking duck tacos. 
  5. The dry-aged New York strip at Walter's Steakhouse (oh, and their entire potato sides menu!). 
  6. The classic cheeseburger at Ben’s Burgers is so quintessential I'm pretty sure they use it as inspo for the emoji burger. 
  7. The duck ragu pappardelle at Beccofino, with an Aperol spritz to wash it down.
  8. La Macelleria's crema bologna gelato (also everything else in their cabinet...).
  9. Lamb sharwarma with all the fixings from Curryville at Morningside. Hands bloody down.
  10. Aria's wagyu bresaola with parmesan and fried bread
  11. Ze Pickle's Triple Loco is a hefty triple-pattied bastard sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. (It might actually be the thing that kills you so bite with caution). 
  12. Chicken Korma with Punjabi Naan at Punjabi Palace in West End.
  13. Sono’s Teppanyaki banquet; a different kind of dinner and a show. 
  14. New Farm insitution, The Smoke BBQ built their reputation on the back of their big rib combo feat. 12-hour beef short ribs and the 6-hour Memphis pork belly. 
  15. OTTO's Byron Bay Berkshire pork cheek. Hold. Us. Back.
  16. A jaffle from Fitz + Potts.
  17. The slow-roasted duck tacos from Bordertown
  18. Jellyfish Restaurant’s ocean-fresh medley with a glass of Moët. 
  19. Gauge's famous black garlic bread with bunrt vanilla and a quenelle of brown butter. 
  20. A rocky road hot chocolate and a tray of Amy's signature brownie’s from Noosa Chocolate Factory.  
  21. A couple dozen of Chouquette's legendary croissants with a few cheeky eclairs thrown in. 
  22. e’cco Bistro's baked choc-chip cookies, served hot and fresh from the oven. 
  23. The Monte Cristo at designated fromagerie Fromage the Cow.  
  24. Happy Boy's banquet with a special emphasis on the fish fragrant eggplant. 
  25. New Farm Confectionery's Guanaja 70% chocolate bar decorated with gold leaf. In our eyes, chocolate IS a meal, alright?
  26. Sichuan Bang Bang's Sichuan pan-fried shredded crispy beef with spiced peanuts and chilli. 
  27. The 500g Rib Eye at Cha Cha Char.
  28. Hope & Anchor's fish finger burger is a tasty throwback to childhood, made better with a pint of craft. 
  29. The pork and fennel gnocchi with black truffle tapenade at 1889 enoteca.
  30. A whole gift box of Dello Mano Brownies prominently featuring the honey caramelised macadamia brownie. 
  31. Taro's world-renowned ramen. 
  32. Pearl Cafe's Wednesday night pig roast, complete with fixings. 
  33. 'The full experience' at Bird's Nest Yakitori, and maybe a chicken karaage burger to-go. 
  34. GOMA Restaurant's utterly stunning wattleseed custard with Daintree chocolate. 
  35. Scout Cafe's stalwart egg and Kaiserfleisch breakfast bagel.
  36. The pumpkin and halloumi toast stack for breakfast at Naiïm
  37. 'The Ark' feast for two at Rogue Bar + Bistro is a repast featuring three proteins and a whole bunch of sides. 
  38. Longtime's knee-weakening crispy pork pad see ew with choy sum, pickled chilli and crispy garlic. 
  39. Doughnut fries from The Doughnut Bar at Eat Street Northshore. 
  40. Popcorn prawns at Saké.
  41. A bulk order of bespoke poké bowls from Cheeky Poke Bar.
  42. Get around Super Combo's Russia-inspired Spinning Piledriver burger, with double cheese, double patty, secret mayo and a left-field appearance from sauerkraut. 
  43. The classic Philly cheeseteak from PJ's Steaks, with some chilli fries and a root beer. 
  44. Let Minnow's Pig Out jaffle of twice-baked pork belly, spinach and double cheddary with house BBQ sauce.
  45. Motto Motto's super set: crab croquette with edamame, miso soup, teri-teri chicken, potato salad, and seaweed salt fries with karaage chicken. 
  46. 43 plates of dumplings from Fat Dumpling. 
  47. The classic and comforting doughnuts at Morningside's most beloved bakery, Flour & Chocolate
  48. A basket of Gerard's Bistro's buffalo wings. 
  49. A classic margherita and a side of the most delicate calamari from Julius Pizzeria
  50. And to finish, the dessert degustation at Bacchus

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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