Palace Cinemas
Surfers Paradise, QLD

Coming to Surfers Paradise late 2018, Palace Cinemas—the stylin’… Read More +

TV & Movies
8 New Shows Worth Streaming This Month

New year, new shows to watch. And who are we to complain? This month brings forward British Comedy taking the form of Sex Education, a… Read More +

TV & Movies
Everything Worth Watching Based On The 2019 Golden Globe Winners

The Golden Globe Awards are a pretty good indication of who’s up for a pretty good shot come Oscar time so in other words,… Read More +

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All Of The Must-See Movies To Watch This January

It's that time of the month again, where we tick over into the following calendar page and have a whole list of blockbuster goodies to… Read More +

TV & Movies
The Greats | Best Movies And TV Shows Of 2018

This year, our screens were rid of Stranger Things and GOT but what we lost in demogorgons and ice dragons, we made up in badass female… Read More +

TV & Movies
5 Must-See Movies Hitting The Big Screen This Boxing Day

With Boxing Day sales galore, and still being too full to move after Christmas dinner, it’s pretty easy to forget that some of the… Read More +

TV & Movies
5 Minutes With Tidelands’ Star Annabelle Stephenson

When we heard that Netflix had chosen our humble region to film and set their first ever Australian Netflix series, Tidelands, we were… Read More +

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