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5 Minutes With Tidelands’ Star Annabelle Stephenson

By Morgan Reardon
18th Dec 2018

annabelle stephenson tidelands

When we heard that Netflix had chosen our humble region to film and set their first ever Australian Netflix series, Tidelands, we were stoked. What better way to show off to the rest of the world how great our backyard is? What’s even better than that though is the number of amazing locals that were cast in the show. 

We caught up with Tidelands star Annabelle Stephenson, who recently returned to her Gold Coast roots after a stint in the US where she nabbed roles in cult tv show Revenge and flicks Pray for Rain and Escape Room. 

The GC local gave us the scoop on what we can expect from the show and her jaw-dropping moment on set.

In a nutshell tell us what Tidelands is about?

We are introduced to the world of Tidelands when ex-con Cal McTeer returns to her hometown of Orphelin Bay and blows the lid off a generations-long conspiracy of silence around murder, drugs and sirens. Think TrueBlood meets Sons of Anarchy with a LOT of nudity. Like, I'm not mad about it, but it's a lot.

How does your character Laura Many fit in the Tidelands web?

Laura is the widow of fisherman Zach Maney who is murdered by Tidelanders. Laura holds many secrets, one being the lover of drug king pin and Cal's brother, Augie McTeer.

Character aside, are you personally team Tidelander or team human?

Ohhh that's a good one. If I could be a Tidelander I so would. Who doesn't want to be a smoking hot babe with superpowers, a great sex life AND the ability to breath under water?!

What was it like filming in south-east Queensland?

It was so incredible. After working in the US for so long, it was a real blessing to come home and work where you grew up! Queensland has been the hub for so many blockbuster movies because we live somewhere that is world class. I was extremely proud that I got to be a part of an Australian project that showcases local Aussie talent and our stunning backdrop to the world. 

Anything crazy or super memorable happen on set?

You mean apart from getting my kit off on my first day of filming? Yeah, that was an interesting initiation. Let's just say the cast bonded very quickly. 

Who was the most unlike their character IRL?

I reckon Aaron Jakubenko (who plays Augie McTeer) is the most unlike his character. He is honestly one of the sweetest men alive and wouldn't hurt a fly yet he plays this super dangerous drug dealer who isn't afraid to punish someone when they've stepped out of line. 

Can we expect a season two?

If I told you, I would have to kill you, Tidelander style.

Fair enough, what would you like to see happen for Laura in season two if it were to happen?

Laura has a lot of revenge to seek, so without giving too much away, her grudge against the Tidelanders and Augie's gangmen might see Laura getting in touch with her gangster side.

What's next in the pipeline for you?

I'm taking some time off over Christmas and next year travelling to Italy for a month to study. I'm a bit of a nerd and an Italophile, so while I can I'm taking myself off for I guess what will be my "Eat Pray Love" moment. And who knows, I might have a job in SE Queensland upon my return...

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Image Credit: Unicorn Productions 

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