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Everything You Should Be Binge Watching This Month

By Chelsey Johnston - 01 Jul 2018

Winter is well and truly here, guys. Now is not the time to be frolicking outside, being adventurous. Now is the time to *embrace* all the lazy you hold inside you, cocoon yourself in nineteen blankets and glue yourself to the nearest screen.

But if you're sick of watching Friends re-runs (never!) we've compiled a list of everything weird, wacky and downright addictive to binge watch this month.


Good Girls

Three suburban mums decide to rob a grocery store together, only to discover it has disastrous results (I mean, obviously). This one's been getting some good reviews. 

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

If you’re looking for a feel-good comedy special, don’t watch this. Yes, you’ll laugh, but you’ll also squirm, feel a bit uncomfortable, maybe even cry. We saw this last year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and bawled our eyes out. 

Queer Eye | Season 2

In case you missed it (unsure how) Queer Eye: More Than A Makeover just released a second season. Mix up your most elaborate cocktail and binge. Binge like there's no tomorrow. 

A Few More to Check out:

  • Orange Is The New Black | Season 6
  • Manhunt: Unabomber
  • Suits | Season 7
  • Nailed It | Season 2



Based on the bestselling book, this is a series about wine and good looking people and maybe other stuff? We were pretty distracted by the first two, TBH.

Power Season 5

Fiddy Cent is back! Season 5 is going to be even more insane…If you haven't given this one a crack yet, it's not too late. Just bulk buy the MiGoreng packs and set aside a weekend. 


If you never truly got over Glee ending, binge yourself silly on this *adult* version. Spoiler alert—there's lots of singing. 

A Few More to Check out:

  • I’m Dying up Here
  • Younger | Season Six
  • Bad Moms & Bad Moms 2



A gritty story about the rise of 1980s Los Angeles drug epidemic, this one's probably not for the faint-hearted, but if you enjoyed Louis Theroux's look at drug culture, bing on. 

Sharp Objects

A TV show based on the book from the same lady that wrote Gone Girl. We’re guessing creepy setup, suspense for days and a plot twist to end all plot twists?

AHS: Cult

Another season of the horror favourite, opening with Donald Trump becoming president. Need we say more? You know you're not gonna sleep well tonight...

A few More to check out:

  • Legion
  • Wentworth | Season 6

Image credit: Netflix 

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