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Everything You Should Be Binge Watching This Month

By Chelsey Johnston
1st Jul 2018

Winter is well and truly here, guys. Now is not the time to be frolicking outside, being adventurous. Now is the time to *embrace* all the lazy you hold inside you, cocoon yourself in nineteen blankets and glue yourself to the nearest screen.

But if you're sick of watching Friends re-runs (never!) we've compiled a list of everything weird, wacky and downright addictive to binge watch this month.


Good Girls

Three suburban mums decide to rob a grocery store together, only to discover it has disastrous results (I mean, obviously). This one's been getting some good reviews. 

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

If you’re looking for a feel-good comedy special, don’t watch this. Yes, you’ll laugh, but you’ll also squirm, feel a bit uncomfortable, maybe even cry. We saw this last year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and bawled our eyes out. 

Queer Eye | Season 2

In case you missed it (unsure how) Queer Eye: More Than A Makeover just released a second season. Mix up your most elaborate cocktail and binge. Binge like there's no tomorrow. 

A Few More to Check out:

  • Orange Is The New Black | Season 6
  • Manhunt: Unabomber
  • Suits | Season 7
  • Nailed It | Season 2



Based on the bestselling book, this is a series about wine and good looking people and maybe other stuff? We were pretty distracted by the first two, TBH.

Power Season 5

Fiddy Cent is back! Season 5 is going to be even more insane…If you haven't given this one a crack yet, it's not too late. Just bulk buy the MiGoreng packs and set aside a weekend. 


If you never truly got over Glee ending, binge yourself silly on this *adult* version. Spoiler alert—there's lots of singing. 

A Few More to Check out:

  • I’m Dying up Here
  • Younger | Season Six
  • Bad Moms & Bad Moms 2



A gritty story about the rise of 1980s Los Angeles drug epidemic, this one's probably not for the faint-hearted, but if you enjoyed Louis Theroux's look at drug culture, bing on. 

Sharp Objects

A TV show based on the book from the same lady that wrote Gone Girl. We’re guessing creepy setup, suspense for days and a plot twist to end all plot twists?

AHS: Cult

Another season of the horror favourite, opening with Donald Trump becoming president. Need we say more? You know you're not gonna sleep well tonight...

A few More to check out:

  • Legion
  • Wentworth | Season 6

Image credit: Netflix 

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