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Must-See Movies This August

By Dasha Koryagina
20th Jul 2018

Must-See Movies This August

The weather outside may not be great, but we all know there ain’t a better day to curl up in a movie theatre than a winter’s day. On that note, August is definitely the time to treat yourself to some hot, fluffy popcorn, gather the crew and hit the movie theatres. We’ve got your monthly round-up of the month’s best silver-screen offerings, and damn do they look bloody good!

From political dramas and terrifying shark movies to action comedies and feel-good dramas, this August, the theatres have something for everyone.


Based on an autobiography by Ron Stallworth, BlackKklansman is a brilliant fusion of crime, comedy and drama. Set in the ‘70s, the story follows Ron (John David Washington), a black policeman, who partners up with Flip (Adam Driver), a white detective, to create a single undercover identity between them. Together, the two infiltrate the local Colorado chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and attempt to bring it down. The message is “power to ALL people”, and how could you not love that? Expect all the funky ‘70s fashion and hairdos, witty humour and a bomb ass soundtrack.

The Wife

The age old saying goes—behind every great man there is a great woman. Tense and dramatic, The Wife explores exactly this concept. As professor Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) prepares to receive a Nobel Prize for his achievements in literature, his wife Joan (Glenn Close) is left pondering her own writing career, of which her husband has always been dismissive and unsupportive. Exploring the dynamics of married life and creative freedom, The Wife highlights the importance of chasing your dreams and the effects other people’s approval has on our lives.

Book Club

Book Club is a comedy about four life-long friends in a book club who decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Needless to say, the book stimulates more than just their minds. Afterwards, their lives are changed forever and what follows is hilarious love life experimentation. Spicing up old marriages and trying out Tinder, this is a feel-good story of four women giving love another shot.

Crazy Rich Asians

Based on a novel of the same name, Crazy Rich Asians follows an Asian-American economics professor Rachel Chu who accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore to meet his family. Upon arrival in Singapore, Rachel discovers that her man’s family is crazy rich. Dating one of Asia’s most desirable bachelors, Rachel becomes a target for jealous socialites and her boyfriend’s mother, who does not find Rachel a suitable match for her son. Rachel’s actions, hilariously inappropriate for the fancy world she’s been thrown into, make the film extremely entertaining. Unwilling to give up her happiness, Rachel’s character is absolutely lovable, just as is her boyfriend, who wants to marry for love despite his parents’ protest.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

In the sixth instalment of the infamous series featuring Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt attempts to prevent a global catastrophe and complete his mission while the CIA questions his loyalty and tries to hunt him down. Expect what you usually expect from Mission Impossible: an all-star cast, intense plotline, badass fight scenes, shoot outs, car chases, hot females and mad stunts.

The Meg

Lovers of shark epics, this is your jam. A research submarine is attacked by a 75-foot-long, prehistoric shark species called Megalodon, long thought to be extinct. Rising from the depths of the ocean the monster leaves the crew stranded, awaiting to be rescued by diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham). Absolutely terrifying, you won’t be wanting to enter deep waters for a while after seeing this.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon star in a comedy about two best friends on an espionage mission. Audrey (Kunis) finds out that her ex was a CIA spy and as he re-emerges in her life with a team of assassins on his tail, Audrey realises that she has been made a target by association. Caught up in a major international conspiracy, regular girls Audrey and best friend Morgan are transformed into special agents—clumsy and untrained, the two get into endless hilarious disasters.


LBJ is a political drama dealing with the story of US president Lyndon Baines (Woody Harrelson), who got thrust into office after Kennedy’s assassination. The film covers Baines in his days leading up to office, the political upheaval that followed the take over and the historic passing of Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act in an attempt to heal the nation.

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