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21 Old-Fashioned Date Ideas Better Than Netflix And Chill

By Holly Zeng
8th Aug 2017

21 Old Fashioned Date Ideas Better Than Netflix And Chill

It’s fair to say, and certainly no secret that, dating is just not what it used to be! Old-school romance seems to only exist on-screen in movies, thanks to apps like Tinder and online dating. The latter has some of us seriously feeling like we were born in the wrong decade–what happened to the good ol’ times before Netflix and Chill? Lucky for all you old souls out there we’ve curated a neat list of 21 old-fashioned date ideas!

1.    Go roller skating. Slip into some spandex, throw your hair into a high-pony and skate holding hands–wearing matching fluorescent sweatbands while you’re at it!

2.    Or, swap the rollerblades for a pair of ice skates, chuck on a few extra layers, and hit up the ice rink and pretend it's Central Park.

3.    Forget Netflix and catch an old-school flick at the cosy Capitol Cinemas, where you can grab a bottle of vino from the bar to “share” during.

4.    Sip on milkshakes and fountain sodas at Grill and Shakes, with 69 flavours of milkshakes to choose from–and FYI every Monday is $5 mystery milkshake day.

5.    One word. Poutine! Go on a diner date at The Fed and order all the classics, finishing with their delcious pies (why not all three?) for dessert.

6.    Pinky’s up and put on your fancy pants for high tea at one of Auckland’s best.

7.    Head to the arcade and challenge your SO to a game or two, whether it be the likes of race-car games or air hockey–whatever floats your inner gamer!

8.    How about a leisurely stroll in and out of the Victorian-style glasshouses and courtyard of the Wintergardens? What screams more of sweet romance than a chamber full of blooms?

9.    Go parking (as they used to call it). Drive out to find the best spot to watch the sunset and who knows, maybe he’ll give you his varsity jacket!

10.    Hire a tandem bike and test your balance along Mission Bay.

11.    Or grab another couple, and make it a double date! The more the merrier, right?

12.    Test the waters and catch a ferry to Devonport.

13.    Picnic it up with a cosy blanket, some deli goods, and champagne from a plastic glass–it’s the simple things!

14.    Hit up Auckland’s No.1 Board-game café Cakes n’ Ladders–home to all your favourites with over 200 analogue games to choose from! Did we mention a menu featuring breakfast burritos?

15.    Live out your inner Lady and the Tramp wishes and share a bowl of spaghetti with your lover at one of Auckland’s best Italian restaurants!

16.    Go dancing. No, we aren’t talking bump and grind–instead, try a FREE beginners salsa class at Viva Dance

17.    See a play at The Basement or Pumphouse Theatre

18.    Head to your local, and participate in a pub quiz!

19.    Take the not-so-glorious lift (it will all be worth it) to the top of Victoria St car park and admire the rooftop view of Albert Park and the city’s skyscrapers at sunset–how romantic?

20.    Music is good for the soul–go to a concert with your significant other and jam out to a local band, headlining artist, or random line-up!

21.    Lastly, spend hours of a rainy day cruising through a record store, scoring new vinyl to enjoy with your significant other, or simply just browsing–it’ll take you back to the days of Bowie and LPs!

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Image Credit: Grease 

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