Things To Do In Auckland For A Dollar (Or Less)

By Albert Cho
14th Mar 2018

27 Things You Can Do In Auckland For $1

Don’t you all miss those days when a shiny, golden, dollar coin made you an absolute baller? Then this little thing called inflation came along and changed the game for everyone. Dollar coins have become under-appreciated, left on bed side tables and neglected in the very bottom of your purse. However, we’re here to show you that it’s still very possible to make a little go a long way in this city. Whether you’re on the saving grind or just an extremely frugal person, here’s how to survive in Auckland for just a dollar.

1. Get your sugar fix with a big old $1 fro co!

2. Enjoy a slice of wood-fired pizza from Fort Street Union on Tuesday evenings. It will set you back exactly 100 cents. 

3. Grab some mates and chow down on dumplings at Xi’an Food Bar where you can get 20 for ten dollarz—that’s 50 cents each! 

4. Noodle cook off! Grab a mate, get an instant cup of noodles from the supermarket and add whatever is in your fridge to take it to the next level.

5. Round up three mates and pitch in to buy a $4 pizza from Freeman & Grey between 12pm and 2pm or 5pm and 7.30pm. 

6. Your dollar will buy you not one but TWO chicken wings at The Crab Shack on Monday arvos. If you’re feeling rich (i.e. have $3 to your name), you can get amongst taco Thursday. 

7. Show some generosity and donate your dollar to someone who needs it a little more than you.

8. Read to your heart’s content at one of Auckland’s many libraries. A trip here will cost you nil cents.

9. Use your precious dollar to bid on a $1 reserve Trade Me auction—you might nab something cool!

10. K Road’s Sri Penang has $1 BYO corkage. Here’s hoping your dinner date will shout you your meal.

11. To all the students of Auckland, get the Niesh App now and take advantage of those student deals. One of many bargains include free fries from Better Burger!

12. Don’t miss out on squad dinner night and get a $1 lamb skewer from Gogo Music Café!

13. Tip your favourite barista an extra dollar. Go on and make their day, they deserve it. 

14. Follow your friends to the weekend morning markets, they have some bomb taste testers there to graze you through the day.

15. Buy a dollar-store padlock, write your lover’s name on it, and lock it on the fence at Silo Park. Who says romance costs the earth?!

16. Dig out some extra coins from under the couch and check out Underpass bar. The entire menu is priced under $8—including $4 vege tacos. 

17. Book a $1 bus with InterCity or ManaBus. Yes, you can get to Welly for one measly dollar. 

18. Soak up some art and culture at the Auckland Art Gallery – free entry! 

19. Find a crackin’ dollar item at one of Auckland’s many rad op shops. 

20. Oh hai there, birthday boy/girl! Today you can ride on the Auckland Adventure Jet for freeee (when you visit with one full-paying adult). 

21. Break the budget and invest in a $3.50 cinnamon and sugar pancake from No 1 Pancake

22. No such thing as cheap coffee? Wrong! Espresso Coffee School sell their coffee on a gift-economy model, meaning they give you the coffee as a gift and you can choose to give them a gift (aka money) in return. Be a nice guy and give them something decent.

23. Kill time by playing the classic ‘heads or tails’ with a mate. 

24. Demolish $1 chicken wings from The Flying Moa on Friday arvos. 

25. Joy Ice Cream hold a ‘joyful hour’ on the regular where they have dollar scoops of ice cream and hot chocolates.

26. You’re never too old for a good old lolly bag from the local dairy!

27. If none of the lolly bags do it for you, get yourself to the pick ‘n’ mix section, be sure to keep measuring that bag so it stays within that big budget.

28. Local supermarkets only charge $1 for a packet of Oreos now. God hopes there’s milk in the fridge for you.

29. Go halves on a parking spot at The Chancery Car Park and spend a day roaming around the city.

30. Head to the dollar store and get yourself a little ball, nothing fancy as it just needs to bounce. Round up some mates and find a space of concrete that’s been cracked in to somewhat even quarters and boom! You got a game of handball!

31. Get the OnzO App and enjoy a short and sweet bike ride.

32. It only takes about two more mates to enjoy a scoop of fresh hot chips by a local beach.

33. We’re blessed to be living in a country where nature and scenery are top notch and don’t come with a price tag. Here’s a list of Auckland’s Best Walks And Hikes.

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