26 Signs You’re A True Child Of The 90s

By Ellen Seah
15th Feb 2017

90s things

The generational gap has never been wider, with oldies struggling with television remotes and the youngest of our times running virtual (coding) circles around literally everyone. If you’re firmly from the in-between generation—otherwise known as Gen-Y—here are 26 things you’ll definitely relate to.

  1. The coolest lunchtime game was four square.
  2. You were forced into a dark, damp van, crammed next to your classmates, and learnt everything you know about sex from a talking giraffe. Who OK-ed this?!   
  3. You were gifted a Nokia brick phone in middle school, and you were the GOD OF SNAKE.
  4. Every morning the cool kids ate something “just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy”.
  5. Heads Down Thumbs Up taught you there is no such thing as democracy.
  6. You were benched (multiple times) at recess because your bloody mum forgot to pack your hat, AGAIN.
  7. You were forced to play the recorder.
  8. Marbles were the most precious commodity. You’d trade lunches, sweets and your favourite snacks for the right colour.
  9. Tamagotchis were the next best, until the teacher overlords banned them from classrooms, killing (unidentifiably shaped) digital pets everywhere.
  10. If you weren’t on MSN, you were nothing.
  11. You were invited to or hosted several Maccas parties because Happy Meals were obviously the coolest lunch before they decided to replace fries with apple slices.
  12. You still recite “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” every time you need to navigate a map that’s not Google.
  13. You made all your important decisions using a poorly made origami fortune teller, or a rubber with the options “yes” “no” or “maybe” scrawled on it.
  14. You still have your collection of Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon cards.
  15. You got excited when your parents gave you ten cents because that could buy fizzers or a handful of TNT lollies.
  16. Rice Krispie Treats and Poppa Jacks were the best lunchbox treats and there will never be a better snack.      
  17. Anyone who was anyone owned a Smiggle pencil case, filled with glittery gel pens.
  18. You were either loyal to Yowie chocolates or Kinder Surprises.
  19. You were the unfortunate generation that had to deal with very temporary, very-transitional portable CD players.
  20. You recorded all your favourite TV shows on a VHS and tried (more than once) to DIY fix.
  21. You weren’t warned about Mufasa’s death—and yeah, you’re still mad about it.
  22. When Willy Wonka candy hit supermarket shelves, you begged your mum for Nerds. No one liked the chocolate bars.
  23. You passed handwritten notes around class as communication.
  24. Your weekend trips to Blockbuster was always the highlight of your week, but you could only choose one DVD from the New Releases section because your mum didn’t want you to watch all the DVDs at once.
  25. You forgot to rewind a DVD before you returned it to Blockbuster once and you felt bad for the whole day.
  26. You loved The Land Before Time series, and you have never seen a better musical film in your life.

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