30 Things That Happen When You Visit The North Shore

By Ben Tunui
18th Jul 2017

30 Things That Happen When You Visit The North Shore

Here at The Urban List, we’ve decided to put our very own North Shore (FYI, it’s just across that big bridge) under a comical spotlight because, well, we can.

We all know the North Shore, aka the “Shore” has a particular rep, as do the people who live there. While the tendencies of a Shore girl/boy can have central folks eye rolling for days, the Shore is without a doubt an asset to Auckland’s beauty and culture.

Here are a few little pointers on what you are most definitely going to encounter, experience and remember when you visit the Shore—because it’s just a shore thing, ok?

1. You have to cross a bridge—yep, the mission of the big trip to the Shore begins before you even get there. We suggest you try make a trip over there before 5pm on a weekday unless you enjoy sitting in traffic with a bunch of mums from the Shore, who have just finished a sesh at True Food & Yoga—nope, we aren’t even kidding.

2. Once you’ve past the bridge, you’ve stepped into new territory—and yes, you should be afraid. You’ll be asking yourself “do I need a passport for this stuff?”, and “are we really actually still in Auckland?”—mind blowing, we tell ya.

3. People wear activewear, everywhere. This is particularly strange considering there is barely a gym in sight, smh.

4. Beaches—yay! Finally something we can all relate to. Shore beaches are shore to please, perfect for that good ole summer #gram.

5. If swimming in the ocean gives you anxiety, never fear—the lifeguards are hot af (oh right, they’ll save you and stuff too).

6. Families are not complete without a dog or two, who for some bizarre reason seem to be living more lavish lifestyles than half the peeps in Auckland itself.

7. Everything seems so faaaaar away—it really isn’t.

8. You’ll find a group of Shore girls dressed identically, on purpose—that group chat must’ve been blowing up the night before discussing #ootd.

9. You’re sure to find the perfect flat white with the endless coffee spots, we even have a list for them.

10. Everyone looks like they’ve stepped out of the winter Olympics.

11. Using #shorelife is mandatory, you didn’t travel all this way without including this in your gram.

12. Takapuna Grammar students are under the belief their school deserves that “private school” reputation.

13. It’s almost compulsory to bump into someone you follow on Instagram—you’ll be unsure whether you say hey, or just keep on walking like you have no idea what Instagram is because you insist you aren’t a millennial.

14. Lake Road traffic will the death of you.

15. Devonport is sure to provide the ultimate #views for you and your Sunday gram.

16. School rivalries actually exist in real life—it’s not just a Facebook feud kind of game.

17. Thirsty Thursday is most definitely a thing—get amongst the nightlife at Macs Brewbar or, if you’re feeling a little less classy, take a trip to Bin Bin Deluxe.

18. It’s easier to get a bus to the city, than it is to get a bus to Albany—mind blowing.

19. Puffer jackets and Country Road bags had the ability to build an empire in 2011—and continues to do so.

20. You’ll find yourself dreaming for a beachside home on Takapuna Beach—and yeah, keep dreaming.

21. Ja’mie King actually exists—in more than one form.

22. Everywhere is so far spread, you actually have room to breathe—unlike the claustrophobic CBD.

23. Kristin School head students have their own carpark—let that sink in.

24. When people say Takapuna is the Surfer’s Paradise of New Zealand they aren’t kidding.

25. Did you even go to the Shore if you left without a Department Store shopping bag?

26. You’ll see more teenagers driving than adults—because who’s 17 and gets the bus these days…??

27. Lorde’s family home is a go-to tourist attraction. Enough said.

28. You’ll overhear a bunch of Shore foodies complaining about how Uber Eats doesn’t deliver to the North Shore—yet.

29. It’s almost impossible to get back into central after 4pm on a weekday.

30. Because of all of this, you’ll wanna go home.

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Written by Sharleen Shergill and Ben Tunui

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