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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Auckland At Night

By Martha Brooke
26th Jan 2017

7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Auckland At Night

We’re not toddlers anymore. We can (sometimes) handle staying up  past our bedtime without tantrums and tears—well, unless you’re one too many glasses of sauv’s down and your Tinder date just bailed.

Whether you're having trouble counting sheep or have had one too many iced mochas, we won't judge - no, no- we're here to help you wide-eyed, bushy tailed lot.

Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to a s**t load of things to do in Auckland at night that you didn’t even know existed!

Sweet As

Whether you’ve got the munchies, crazy pregnancy cravings or simply need a slice of gooey, New York cheesecake to get you through that episode of GOT, Sweet As won’t judge. No no, Sweet As will deliver all this and more right to your front door from 6pm until midnight! Can we get an Amen? Oh and how about one of those brownies too?

JK's World Of Golf

Open 365 days of the year and open 24 hours on the daily, there’s no excuse not to swing a few 150-yarders when nighttime creeps around at JK's World Of Golf. Without the embarrassment of being shown up by the top dogs, the darkness will certainly hide your blunders and fails. Forget counting sheep, try your hand at hitting the 200-yard mark instead!

Perfomance Diver Night Time Course 

Forget splashing around in the bath after hours, why not splash around in the big blue instead? Embark on one of Performance Divers night time courses to learn the ins and outs of navigating your way around the depths of the ocean after hours. Meet new, nocturnal species, learn a new skill and most importantly tick ‘being a badass’ off your bucket list!

Asylum Paintball 

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Night time paintball is a thing and you could be playing at Asylum Paintball, when the darker nights are upon us. You’ll not only need stealth, aim and courage to get you through, you’ll also need to chow down on those carrots for extra night vision tactics!

Silent Disco

Bored of all the clubs in town? Tired of the same old house party scene? Wanna give the neighbours a break from blaring Beiber? Why not host your own silent disco?! Boogie the night away in the comfort of your own home with a little help from the experts. Wear your headphones with pride and make it one heck of a night to remember!

Night Canyoning 

If abseiling down a waterfall, jumping off cliffs and squeezing through caves sound scary enough, why not try all of this in the dark? The guys at Awol Adventures are giving punters the chance to canyon through Piha after dusk. Prepare for a whole lotta heart thumping and loss of inhibition!

Safari Night 

Whether you’re young or old, the Auckland Zoo has always delivered a good time. Going to see the animals during the day is so last year, we’re all about night time visits and sleepovers don’t ‘ya know! Join in on a torch-lit, guided tour of the zoo and as a bonus, you can even sleepover in the elephant house!

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Image credit: Chris McLennan

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