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Cheap Things To Do In Auckland

By Urban List Writers
14th Aug 2018

Cheap Things To Do In Auckland

Did you go a little too hard with your spending on smashed avocados and food delivery apps recently? Worry not as there are plenty of cheap things to do in Auckland that give you an experience worth a million bucks. What we love about our city is that a good time doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag!

Here’s a list of some of the best cheap things to do in Auckland.

The Lightpath

Wouldn’t be very Auckland of us if we didn’t give this one a shout out. The Lightpath which is more widely known as the Pink Bridge amongst Aucklanders offers a few of the city and intersections like no other and it’s FREE!

Fish & Chips By The Beach

Fish and chips by the beach! Round up a couple of mates and get yourself a feast from the local takeaway shop. If you have a bigger budget, try dining beachside style with Takapuna Beach Café’s premium quality fish and chips.

Auckland Art Gallery

Soak up some art and culture at the Auckland Art Gallery. Free for NZ residents, whether you’re a true art lover or just want something to add to your Instagram feed, this is the perfect activity for the people of Auckland.

Silo Park

Have a stroll at Silo Park and get appreciate the views of Auckland’s beautiful waterfront. If you got some dollars to spare, pick up a scoop of award winning gelato at Gelatiamo. It’ll set you back 6 bucks!


Cotto on K’Road have an Italian-inspired menu where everything ranges from $5 - $20 and it all tastes absolutely premium. Not only is their food amazing but the restaurant has an ambience that makes you feel like you’re in a fine dining restaurant.

The Winter Gardens 

An aesthetic pic at The Winter Gardens in the Auckland Domain is an absolute must for all Aucklanders. If you’ve got the money and time, head on over to Domain & Ayr and get the infamous 20 minute fluffy pancake.

Auckland Markets

Auckland has been absolutely blessed with the best markets with cheap food and just overall good vibes. 

Got To Get Out

Join Got To Get Out, a social group that takes you on an adventure for the cheapest price possible. The people behind Got To Get Out aren't about making money, they're about providing new experiences so you're guaranteed to get a bang for your buck!

OnzO – Cycle Around Auckland

Download the OnzO App, get the bike closest to your surroundings and cycle around Auckland!

BYO Night

We're all guilty of getting the bill at the end of a long session of dining and realising that our drinks cost more than the food. Avoid this from ever happening again at one of Auckland's many BYO restaurants!

Picnic At Cornwall Park

Raid the cupboards at home, put it in a basket and take it to Cornwall Park for a nice picnic!

Treat Yo Self

Visit one of the many local bakeries of Auckland and treat yourself to some of their freshly baked goods. Daily Bread, Amano Bakery and Little & Friday just to name a few!

Tenpin Bowling

Head on over to Metrolanes or one of the many other bowling alleys in Auckland and pay a little homage to the good old days when life was simple and a game of bowling was enough to make your squad hang out complete.


For less than 20 bucks, you can channel your inner kid and trampoline your heart out for a solid hour at Jump!

Ice Skating

Just because it doesn’t snow in Auckland, doesn’t mean we can’t get our ice skating on! Get yourself to Paradice Ice Skating or Aotea Square and you’ll at least learn how to fall gracefully.

Walking and Hiking

Get active while appreciating the beautiful sceneries Auckland has to offer. With so many places to choose from, you’re lucky we made a list of Auckland’s Best Weekend Walks and Hikes.

Better Burger

Sometimes simple is best and Better Burger does a killer job at mastering burgers without overcomplicating things. These babies have been compared to global names like Shake Shack and In n’ Out as they’re that good and less than $10!


Our favourite cheat day hub Orleans does a Waffle & Shake Wednesday, where you can get fried chicken waffles and a bomb as milkshake combo for just 12 bucks! Their shake changes monthly so keep your eyes peeled.


When you’re on a budget, there are times when you gotta just have dessert for dinner. Especially when there are places like Giapo in town.

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Fill up your car tank and make your way to Manukau Heads Lighthouse to get a different but still beautiful view of Auckland.

Goat Island Marine Reserve

Rent out some snorkel gear or borrow a mates and head on over to Goat Island Marine Reserve for a nice, relaxing day out from the hustle and bustle of Auckland CBD.

Capitol Cinemas

Capitol Cinemas do $11.00 Tuesdays which means getting snacks for the movie will be less stress to the wallet! Date night has just become so much better.

Piha Beach

Piha is the go-to getaway for Aucklanders. The distance is close but just far enough to make you feel like you’ve gone away on vacation.

Island Trip

Catch a ferry to either Waiheke or Rangitoto Island and soak up all new surroundings! If you pick a sunny day, just strolling around the island is enough to get your money’s worth.

Auckland Zoo

If the last time you visited the Auckland Zoo was for your school field trip, try go without parental and teacher supervision. It’s a lot more fun, we promise.

Rainbow’s End

We have to take advantage of Auckland’s small population and the blessing of having short lines at amusement parks! Rainbow’s End will keep you entertained throughout the whole day with their rides and arcades so get amongst it!

Live Comedy

Head on over to the hub of laughs, The Classic for Auckland’s best live comedy.


Get your fiesta on at Mexico by attending their Margarita Masterclass or Tequila Tasting!

Live Music

Check out Auckland’s gig scene, they’re often either free or cheap with door sales and the talent is strong. One of our fave places to suggest is Whammy Bar as they also have some late night food joints to finish off the night.

Mt. Victoria

Take a look at one of Auckland’s most beautiful and Victorian style suburbs, Devonport from Mt. Victoria. You’ll also get a gorgeous view of Auckland City.

Sushi Train

Squad dinner at Sushi Train in The Chancery? Only $3.50 a plate and it tastes hella bomb!

Coco’s Cantina

Happy hour meal from K’Road’s staple Italian restaurant, Coco’s Cantina! From 5pm-6pm, Monday to Friday, this place is absolutely buzzing with people trying to get their hands of Coco’s delish dishes.

Image Credit: Andrew Wilson

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