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Auckland’s Best Doggy Day Cares

By Nina Franklin
9th Aug 2017

The Best Doggy Day Cares In Auckland

Dogs. Our loyal companions. Our fur babies. We love them like our children. And, like our children, they come with us everywhere we go. Because no one likes sad puppy dog eyes peering at you through the window as you reverse out the driveway.

But sometimes, life happens. We go on holiday and we go to work and as much as it pains us to leave our precious pooches behind, we sometimes just don’t have a choice.

But don’t worry. There is a solution to your predicament and it comes in the form of a doggy day care! But of course, finding someone to trust your precious pupper is of the upmost importance! So that’s why, we’ve compiled a list of doggy day care facilities in the Auckland region who will provide the best care possible for your precious pooch.

Barkely Manor

Located in Grey Lynn, this “manor-style” state of the art facility is dedicated to giving your pup the best care possible. Barkely Manor offers cage-free, leash-free, dog day care, grooming and training services for owners who are looking for a safe and healthy solution for their dog’s needs.

All of their staff members are carefully selected for their training skills and passion for dogs. Providing a stress-free environment for your dogs is their number one priority.

This sprawling facility is separated into four areas:

Woodbury Park—where the bigger doggos hang out and has its very own “ball room” giving these boisterous pups the chance to burn off some energy.

Budleigh Gardens—two areas dedicated to the medium to smaller dogs with cushioned rubber floors to make for easy ball play and chasing.

Colehill Cottage—a room for the smaller pups, with couches and beds for the ultimate lounging experience.

Outside spaces and Gardensf—for all of the outdoor play and toilet breaks. There’s even a water pool for the hotter summer months.

Bethells Beach Farm Stay

This is the perfect place to send your pooch for those long haul stays. Nestled on a tranquil five acres, the Bethells Beach Farm Stay provides secure paddocks for your pup to run freely. The facility also offers swimming, farm walks and home-cooked meals made with love for your precious fur baby.

There’s the play area, the exercise area, the waterhole, the chill-out zone and a doggy lounge for resting. They also offer a collection and drop off service to make things just that little bit easier before your trip away.

Woodcoat Farms

Situated on a 10-acre farm in West Auckland, this is a dog day care, dog kennel and groomer all in one. Woodcoat Farms' vision is to tailor their services around every dog’s unique requirements, providing a personalised experience.

Bigger and smaller dogs are separated into two areas to make for optimum comfort. The larger breeds can spend hours running about the vast outdoor areas while the smaller dogs have their own indoor/outdoor areas, which allows them to play safely and confidently amongst their peers.

The grooming facility is run by Amanda Carmody, a senior stylist with more than 15 years experience in grooming many different breeds.

There is also a vet on call 24/7 for those pup-emergencies.

Central Bark

This Parnell-based doggy day care and pet hotel is the first of its kind in this area. This state-of-the-art facility offers five indoor dog parks and bespoke doggy play equipment. The team at Central Bark include a vet nurse, animal trainer and behavioural therapist and are dedicated to proving your precious pups with the best care possible. They are trained using positive, force-free reinforcement methods.

Each dog is assessed on temperament, size, energy levels and sociability and are assigned their designated areas accordingly, giving them the chance to “graduate” and move up levels where they can learn and develop more social skills.

Dogs are put on a strict daily schedule to cater for their every need from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

A perfect place to send your pup for those inner-city workers.

Dog HQ

This North Shore award-winning establishment provides a loving and professional environment for your pup to stay. Dog HQ has a specialised puppy training facility to socialise them from a young age so they can grow into easy to live with, obedient dogs.

Dogs are grouped according to age, size and temperament and are supervised at all times.

This top-of-the-range facility even offers over-night stay options at their exclusive apartment-style complex—with live-in human companions to snuggle with through the night to provide them with a close to home experience.

Complete Canine Care

Complete Canine Care is located in Penrose and is a top quality doggy day care and kennel facility who also offer dog walking services. All of their staff are highly trained in the animal care industry and hold certificates in pet first aid and knowing dogs 101.

All of the facilities have been set up for the welfare of the animals. Including rubber flooring to insure all of the dog’s joints are protected.

New activities and obstacles are added daily to keep the dogs stimulated. And the staff believe it is crucial to give you an honest run down on how your dog behaved that day, if they had a good day or an off day.

Urban Dogs

Urban Dogs is an award-winning doggy day care centre in Albany. They offer training workshops for you and your pooch which include, basic dog manners, respect of leaders, understanding canine body language and keeping your dog calm in all situations.

Dogs are put on a daily schedule which includes “mat time” where dogs can chill out on mats, listen to music or even watch a movie! Doggy excursions are even on the cards for any lucky pooch who gets to attend.

There are eight different service areas for your precious pup which include, play, relax, sleep time, couches and senior’s area just to name a few.

And with a constant rotation of new toys to play with, any doggo would be happy as larry to visit this day care centre.

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