Posh Porridge To Welcome Cool Mornings

By Natasha Van Der Laan
6th Aug 2017

Posh Porridge To Welcome Cool Mornings

As morning temperatures plummet, we often find ourselves reaching for something more comforting to warm the soul…and the mood! Porridge fits the bill perfectly. Not only is it delicious, but its warming sensation will also help bring the feeling back to your extremities—winning.

Some of Auckland’s finest cafes offer beee-autiful porridge variations—some classic, seriously inventive. One thing’s for certain: they’ll put your microwave oats to shame!

If you’re a fan of all things oaty, here’s where to find the best porridge dishes in Auckland.



If you’re a gluten-free kiddo, Moloko has you covered on the porridge front. The neighbourhood café uses buckwheat as the key ingredient in this warming breakfast dish. It’s topped with poached fruits (such as rhubarb and pear), pistachio crumbs and a drizzle of Manuka honey. Wash down with a turmeric latte and you’ll be away laughing!



Mondays is a firm favourite for healthy, nutritious fare and their porridge is no different. Rice oats make up the wholesome base of this vegan and dairy-free breakfast. But all that goodness definitely doesn’t get in the way of deliciousness. We’re talkin’ pumpkin pie-esque porridge packed with warming spices, pecans and a dollop of coconut yoghurt. This is winter at its finest tastiest.



Serving porridge goodness to The Shore is the bustling café, Honey. Their generous bowl of oats is topped with berry compote, slices of banana, toasted seeds and a drizzle of honey. The dish is then lovingly adorned with edible flowers—nawh! If you’re after more of a lunch dish (side note: why are you reading this?), Honey’s much-loved chicken salad is not to be missed.



Perhaps the best thing about Crave is its loving philosophy: owned by a collective, all profits go directly to the local community. The second best thing about Crave is the spectacular porridge. Made with almond milk, this bad boy caters to the vegans amongst us. The base stars a blend of banana and maca, while the toppings are all about stewed apple and toasted coconut.



When it comes to porridge, Catroux certainly knows how to whip up the goods. While their seasonal menu is ever-changing, you can expect to find concoctions such as orange blossom with saffron peach, poached pear with berries and—their most-recent creation—mulled tamarillo with boysenberry. Order yours with almond milk for a delish vegan-friendly breakfast.



Rosie brings the fermented food craze to porridge. Their popular winter warmer is made with fermented kefir milk, packed with probiotics. Topped generously with poached rhubarb, you’ll leave the café full, satisfied annnd with a healthy gut. And, because you’ve been healthy af, we strongly suggest you wash things down with their signature deconstructed hot chocolate.

Domain & Ayr


Domain & Ayr proves you can’t go wrong with a classic ol’ bowl of oats. There’s no fluffy toppings or superfoods from faraway lands here. Instead, you’ll be treated porridge topped with blueberries, date paste and an all-important drizzle of honey. Hurry up and get on our spoons! If you’re after something more out-of-this-world, order their signature fluffy pancake.

Cafe On ​Kohi


Enjoy a brisk stroll along Tamaki Drive before refuelling at the much-loved Cafe On Kohi. Here you’ll find steel-cut oats (they’re cut opposed to rolled) paired with Granny Smith apple and macadamia—talk about a divine combo! We love how thick and creamy this unmissable porridge is.

Image credit: Kellie Blizard at Moloko

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