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The Ultimate Ponsonby Pub Crawl

By Ben Tunui
3rd Aug 2017

The Ultimate Ponsonby Pub Crawl

Ponsonby, is home to some of Auckland’s finest dining, beloved fashion labels and of course, some highly anticipated food avenues.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect outfit, hunting for that hidden breakfast or brunch spot or just looking for a place to have your morning stroll, Pons has you covered. But that’s not all––it’s far, far more and it involves three syllables: al-co-hol. Yep, that’s right.

Ponsonby is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. And so, to make sure you have the best night ever, we’ve come up with the dream pub crawl along this illustrious road. Tick them off one by one and you’re guaranteed a great night out.

Little Easy

Start your night off with a trip to Little Easy. Now, we aren’t kidding when we say get in quick because this joint fills up faster than Smith & Caughey’s on a sale day. On a night out, or in fact when you start your pub crawl, it’s important to have an idea of the kinda vibes you’re going for. This is the place where, quite frankly, you wanna get loose and dance ridiculously and on a night out, who doesn’t?! Whether you locate yourself upstairs or down, the vibes are basically flowing throughout Little Easy––but don’t get too comfortable, because Jack is just minutes away…


Not far from Little Easy, and surrounded by a variety of Ponsonby’s favourite bars is Jack. Providing good vibes, Jack sits in our good books when planning a night out––even better when it’s a part of our infamous bar crawl. Harry is definitely one for you ragers. And, a total bonus––Chapel is across the road.


It’s all about moderation and so, after practically dancing your legs off at Little Easy, Chapel is your place to chill out with a nice glass of brew or perhaps a vino (maybe both?!) Filled with a somewhat older crowed, Chapel is sure to please on the night’s pub crawl. Sometimes you just get sick of seeing a bunch of 20-year-olds dancing as though they’ve been raised by wolves. Age aside, Chapel is a definite go-to, and the team are sure to welcome you with open arms. Although you may find the odd young’in there, it is a must in our Ponsonby pub crawl guide.

Ponsonby Social Club

Okay, you’re over the chill vibe and you’re wanting something a little more upbeat but with a hint of class. And have we got your answer––Ponsonby Social Club is where it’s at. This is home to some of Ponsonby’s elite, when they’re not eating at an outside table at SPQR, of course. And boys, don’t even bother trying to get in if you’re wearing ripped jeans…it’s a no from them. This is the place to go to when you’re wanting to have a drink, dance, but also stay that little bit classier––you are in Ponsonby after all. And, to be frank, it wouldn’t be a Pons pub crawl if you didn’t visit the Social Club…

Bedford Soda and Liquor

Enough of the dancing, and all round classy vibes, you simply just want to take a break with a drink and some delicious food––no one likes a hangover, amiright? Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the drinks. Cocktails galore at Bedford Soda, decorated beautifully with edible flowers and, depending on the drink, a tea pot with dry ice, oh my! This is a definite go-to when you really CBF socialising and want to treat yourself on a night out.

The Longroom

Rumour has it that this place is strictly 21 and over, so you all you elder boys and gals are sure in for a treat. It’s time to party even harder before your night comes to an end. By now you probably will be crawling from pub to bar to pub, but don’t let that stop you from letting your hair down just a lil bit more. The Longroom is one of Auckland’s hottest spots and it sure does show, with queues lining up along the street. Also, no Ubers are needed on this night out, everything is in complete walking distance––win win if you ask us!

Freeman & Grey

It’s 2:05am and you’ve got roughly around 55mins before your night is officially over. Freeman and Grey is the last on the list because you really need your night to end with a bang (no pun intended). Freemans’ offer the best vibes with a little bit of every club jam packed into one––bonus! Like Little Easy, whether you situate yourself upstairs or down is totally up to you, each level providing banger after banger. This is the perfect place to end your pub crawl and it’ll having you planning your next night out while simultaneously dancing to Shania Twain.

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