Where To Find Auckland’s Best Iced Chocolate

By Natasha Van Der Laan
13th Feb 2017

Where To Find Auckland's Best Ice Chocolate

No summer is complete without an iced chocolate (or several). Hot drinks can take a hike because all we want in life is an icy, chocolatey drink to quench our thirst. Whether it’s an interactive deconstructed number, or an indulgent blend with all the trimmings, sippin’ on an iced chocolate is the perfect way to cool down this summer.

Here are five places to indulge in the best iced chocolate in Auckland.

Takapuna Beach Café


Famous for their deconstructed-style, Takapuna Beach Café let you have all the fun by building your own perfect chocolatey creation. By separating all the components in a sweet little arrangement, you can make your yummy drink just the way you like it. There is cold milk, chocolate ganache and an extra side of chocolate toppings. See how sweet you can go!

Little Bread & Butter

Ponsonby Central

Little Bread & Butter’s chocolatey jar of happiness stars a delish blend of organic fair trade cocoa, vanilla and milk. It’s blended to perfection and then topped with the all-important dollop of silky whipped cream. This indulgent drink is exactly how an iced choccy should be: smooth and thick. Warning: you’ll probably become a lil addicted!

Cornwall Park Café


What better way to start the day than sipping on a deconstructed iced choccy overlooking Cornwall Park at the aptly named Cornwall Park Café. Displayed on an adorable tray, you are able to get your DIY on to create your fave type of cold chocolatey drink. Cream, milk, melted sauce and chocolate flake? Don’t mind if we do!

Fact-Tree Café


Fact-Tree Café in Sunnynook attracts regulars coming from far and wide to get their iced chocolate fix for the week. And TBH we don’t blame ‘em—their iced chocolate is increeedible! With a perfect icy blend of chocolatey goodness, if you’re after a thick and creamy frappe-style, this is the place for you!

Little King


If you like your iced chocolate thick, look no further than Little King. They’re all about the iced drinks with coffee, mocha and—of course—chocolate up for grabs. The choc drink features a thick blend of rich Belgian chocolate, milk and ice cream that is then topped with a generous blob of cream. If you’re feeling brave, enjoy with their double chocolate waffles drizzled in warm chocolate sauce. Chocolate coma, come at you!

Odettes Eatery

City Works Depot

Love Scorched Almonds? Then make a beeline for Odettes Eatery. The best way to enjoy their iced chocolate drink is with their locally sourced almond milk. Paired with melted chocolate buttons, this drink is literally Scorched Almonds in a glass—dreamy! For something a little different, their toasted coconut cold brew is equally divine.

Burger Burger

Ponsonby, Newmarket and Takapuna

Okay, this one is teeechnically a shake but who’s counting? Burger Burger’s chocolate shake is both a) icy and b) chocolatey so for the sake of this article, we’re gonna say it’s an iced chocolate (sorry not sorry). This number is made with organic vanilla ice cream, full cream milk and a whooole lot of chocolate. You can order it as a milkshake or a thickshake (we vote you got for the latter).

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