Where To Find The Best Sushi In Auckland

By Rachel Pool
28th Aug 2018

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If you thought sushi was a timely fad, you thought wrong my friends. As we get older the love for this Japanese culinary deepens. Luckily, the avenues to locate a delicious sushi roll has matched this love sprout. There’s a ton of options around the city to get your sushi fix, but some are less than palatable. Avoid the pale and slimy comparisons and read on to see our compilation of the very best salmon, tuna, teriyaki chook and other more inventive flavour combinations we’ve seen in our little city.

Without further ado, here's where to find the best sushi in Auckland. 


Newmarket, City Works Depot

This one’s for those with great taste buds and an eye for aesthetics. Sitting on wooden boards in the glass cabinet lies the beautifully presented sushi at &Sushi. It’s colourful, fresh and seriously inventive. Newmarket has been longing for a delicious option like this for a while, perfect for workers in the area and those in serious need of a retail therapy interlude. They have also set up shop in City Works Depot for the inner city worker bees to indulge. With adornments like rose petals and sprouts, purple rice, and vibrant colours, this is certainly Auckland’s most photogenic sushi. To top it off, &Sushi have a range of dessert sushi—including rolls filled with cream cheese and topped with strawberries—these inventive sushi gurus are onto something here.

Sushi House & Donburi


The smiling faces that greet you at Sushi House & Donburi obviously take serious pride in what they do. Every piece of sushi is rolled and cut meticulously so that each piece has the perfect ratio of ingredients. For all the health nuts out there, Sushi House & Donburi’s rice is low in sodium and they pride themselves in adding no preservatives and MSG to their rolls! Their nigiri sushi all glisten to ensure freshness and there’s also a ton of veggie options like their seaweed roll and a rice ball with literally a quarter of an avocado sitting on top! Vegetarians don’t need to miss out on the fun at Sushi House & Donburi.

Sushi Pac

Auckland City

With three convenient locations in the CBD, Sushi Pac has you covered for a quick takeaway lunch option regardless of where your office is located. Great sushi in Auckland is also about variety. At Sushi Pac there’s lots of options that house brown rice instead of the usual white, giving you a higher fibre and slower release of energy to last until your slave driver boss lets you head home. The options filling their cabinets are plentiful and some combinations are pretty out there. Cheese and tomato “pizza” sushi anyone? Our pick of the lot is the ingenious crayfish salad housed in a little inari boat. Anything with crayfish and we’re in. On a side note, teriyaki salmon sushi? Yes please.

Sushi Bar Salmon

Mercury Plaza

Picking and choosing your sushi with some tongs has become a concept that is common amongst Aucklanders. However, Sushi Bar Salmon located in Mercury Plaza do things the classic way of rolling, fresh to order. This way you get sushi that has all the moisture from the sticky rice and the not one bit of flavour escapes the filling of choice! Staying true to their name, they do some of the best salmon and avocado rolls in town. From the vibrant colour, level of fattiness and insane ratio to rice, it’d be a crime to not add one of these to your order!


Auckland City

Masu, headed by the famed Nic Watt, offers up a plethora of beautiful Japanese food. The soft shell crab roll is a force to be reckoned with and the addition of crisp daikon equates to the textural genius of this maki roll. For our plant loving friends, the veggie of the moment, asparagus, finds its home in a maki roll with avocado, ginger and carrot which makes for a subtle but fresh and wholesome roll. Head to Masu for your sushi fix, ASAP!

best sushi in auckland

Haru No Yume

Freeman’s Bay

We really weren’t sure whether to let this cat out of the bag. At the risk of making it impossible to get a reservation at one of our favourite sushi spots, we just had to share this secret with you all. At lunchtime Haru No Yume offers great sushi options with the salmon fireballs being our favourite. But from 6pm the serious magic happens. Transforming into a buffet restaurant you can indulge in as much sushi as your heart desires (or that you can fit in that gob of yours). The food turnover is quick so everything is super-fresh and the salmon, tuna and kingfish sashimi is amazing (did we mention that it’s all-you-can-eat?!). There’s also a range of nigiri and maki rolls to choose from. You’ll have eaten your $49 worth in no time at all. Five minutes is our guess. Haru No Yume easily makes our list of where to find the best sushi in Auckland.

Sushi Wasabi

Three Lamps

Tucked away on Jervois Road is this little gem that you would not guess is the hub of some of the best sushi in town. Sushi Wasabi’s rolls are on another level from the freshness to the size. With different rice options from brown, purple and white, Sushi Wasabi has become the go-to lunch spot for the locals of Jervois Road. We are well aware that this is a sushi round up but do yourselves a favour and order a plate of their chicken katsu. We promise that you’ll be thanking us later.

Big Fish Eatery


Big Fish Eatery manages to get Asian fusion right—which is no easy feat. While the rest of the menu offers up fabulous items from across the continent, the sushi section is also deserving of a mention here. It’s either nigiri (fillings on top of the rice) or uramaki (inside-out sushi rolls) and the options range from your traditional salmon/avo combination to a stellar roll of tempura king prawns with broccolini, avocado and chilli mayo. There is a dragon roll to defeat them all and each piece is jam-packed with a ton of goodness.

Umi & Umiya Sushi

Auckland City and Takapuna

Umi & Umiya will definitely help you on the way to achieving those financial goals—the rolls are $1! Serious props given for not charging extra for the nutritious brown rice option too. The crunchy salad and red rice rolls are crisp and fresh, while the cabinet is jam-packed with other super-sized options that will get you happily from the AM to the PM. It’s pick- your-own from the cabinet so you can create your perfect little combination of flavours and chose only as much as your appetite requires. This is another pleaser on the aesthetic eye.


Mt Eden

Looking to find great sushi in Auckland? This little sushi-slinging gem is a nice respite on this dumpling and noodle dominated strip. There’s a street-side window to fulfil your takeaway sushi needs, and a little restaurant inside with a wood-panelled and slightly kitschy interior filled with paintings of Mt Fuji. The simplicity of Yokoso is part of its allure—it’s just unassuming sushi done well served up with a decent helping of fabulous Japanese hospitality. The black rice tempura prawn sushi is worth getting in early for, but all the other humble offerings are worth a try too.


Auckland City

Ok so it’s not exactly a takeaway joint to grab sushi in your lunch break but if it’s a business lunch you’re after or a night-time sushi spot, Ebisu is your place. Named after a Japanese luck god, Britomart is certainly very lucky to have Ebisu as a resident. This elegant restaurant serves up a killer sushi roll, so you’ll be a happy camper if you can manage to get a table. The scallop, avo and jalapeno mayo roll gets a special mention and we can’t stop thinking about their crab and mango roll with its perfect sweet burst in each mouthful.



If you’re in the mood to try something a little different from the regular teriyaki chicken and avo, get amongst the Peruvian-Asian fusion restaurant, Azabu! They take sushi to another level with their signature dish – the volcano roll and yup, it’s as epic as it sounds. The tiger prawn tempura roll is stacked on top of one another, drizzled in mayo but wait, we haven’t got to the real magic just yet. The chef comes out with a blow torch and fires us up the stack to get the prawns extra crispy and smoky, it’s lit!

Sushi Train

Viaduct & The Chancery

You can’t call yourself a sushi connoisseur if you haven’t experienced Sushi Train. A conveyor belt of never-ending options of different sorts of meat, veggies, fish and even special rolls made fresh to order. Have an absolute field day and get a bit of everything that’s on offer. From fresh tuna nigiri, karaage chicken rolls and beef tataki rolls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget to stack your tower of empty plates and insta that to show your followers that you just conquered.

Bruce Lee Sushi

Various Locations

Not the most authentic sushi but we cannot deny the fact that they’re damn tasty! Bruce Lee Sushi has built a name for themselves for providing Aucklanders with some of the most unique sushi by thinking outside the box. They decided to take things up a notch by adding secret sauces, sometimes even peanut butter and fried breadcrumbs and their unique creations have led them to open up more than ten stores around Auckland! Our favourite would have to be the Kiwi Legend Roll – cream cheese, avo, chicken, kiwifruit, pineapple, bread crumbs and four different sauces drizzled on top, can you get any more extra?!  



Craving an authentic Japanese dining experience? Then Gion is the go-to restaurant for you. Located in Parnell and known as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Auckland, Gion keeps things traditional with their sushi. The rolls are small so you can have them in one mouthful with ease and the focus lies on the freshness of the raw piece of fish. However, they aren’t afraid to get creative either. Get amongst their spider roll, a soft shell crab rolled in sticky white rice, drizzled with mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

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