Where Are Perth’s Best Allergy-Friendly Restaurants And Cafes?

By Kristy Warren
9th Dec 2015

The Raw Kitchen | Image credit: Louise Coghill

Having a food intolerance can be a real pain in the ass. See ya later freshly baked bread. Fare thee well 7am latte. Peace out jelly cream doughnut!

We get it—it took you a long time to get over your break-up. There were a few moments you caved and went back for more, but it always ended in tears. Then you finely saw the light and realised that some things are just not meant to be. Halle-freakin-lujah!

So you’ve joined the club and you're team gluten/dairy-free. Maybe you’re both. Your gut has never been more grateful but finding a place to eat is your latest pickle! As usual, we have your back, guys. Read on for a generous dose of Perth eateries that will support your decision to jump on the gluten-free or dairy-free bandwagon.

Food For Me

East Victoria Park

Committed to providing a safe haven for the gluten-phobes, Food For Me offer GF alternatives to almost all of their regular dishes. Swing by on a lazy Sunday and smash back a classic eggs benny. The FFM homemade hollandaise sauce is plate-licking good!

Milk & Paper


If you’ve been scouting a cosy little takeaway coffee joint that ticks all the dairy free boxes then best you check out Milk & Paper. This French country style cafe provides the perfect refuge to relax, browse the morning paper and enjoy your daily dose of caffeine. They are a clear winner for their impressive range of cow-free milk alternatives including lactose free, soy, oat, almond, rice and coconut milk. Talk about freedom of milk!

The Raw Kitchen


The Raw Kitchen in Freo is packed to the brim with mouth-watering bites, free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar! It's a rare occasion you can get amongst the whole menu so this is your moment to be greedy! Make sure the nachos and pizza are on your hit list and if the sun's out, then you best order a gluten-free beer for good measure!

Strange Grains


Strange Grains is what you get when you challenge a gluten intolerant anthropologist to open a bakery. Hold the wheat, gluten, soy, maize, eggs and dairy products and bring on an array of award winning breads and cakes that are edible for even the most sensitive of foodies. It’s hard to distinguish these soft fluffy loaves from their glutenous cousins. Yep, these guys have pretty much nailed it!

Neighborhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

If you thought your pizza lovin' days were done then think again! Neighborhood Pizza serves up any and all of their gansta pizza combinations on a gluten-free base. Call in a takeaway or grab your mates for a pizza party in their stunning Mount Hawthorn restaurant. Pizza is back on the menu, allergy friends!

il Ciao


To keep up with the rapid demands of dietary requirements, even the most stubborn of cuisines are coming to the gluten-free table, which suits us just fine! il Ciao is a local institution in Applecross with a pasta menu that features gluten free options in spades. Trust us when we say their GF pasta tastes ‘al dente’!

The Market Juicery


The Market Juicery is another reason for the sensitive tummys' in Perth to rejoice! Get your five-a-day and go nuts with their guilt-free juices, smoothies, raw treats and super healthy nosh! The crew here have your dietary preferences front of mind, designing a menu that is jammed packed with gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, organic, vegan and sugar-free delights. Whilst others have only just caught up with soy, this place is miles ahead offering six different milk alternatives.

Missy Moos Gourmet Burger Bar

South Fremantle

Sometimes you’re just in the mood to smash back a burger. We totally get that and so does Missy Moos. The crew here have answered many a prayer with their gluten-free bun option, making Perth a better place one bun at a time. Now we can all indulge in one of life’s simple pleasures. Amen!

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