10 Tips For Exercising When You Don’t Have Time

By Tennille Ziegler
14th Sep 2016

10 Tips For Exercising When You Don’t Have Time

We understand it when you say you don’t have time (we say it all the time, too) but fitness is a lifestyle choice…it’s something you do to care for your mind, body and soul.

With smart phones capturing your attention so much of the day, as well as expectations at work being higher than ever before, it’s hard to draw the line in the sand and choose to take care of yourself first.

But remember the old saying, put on your own oxygen mask first, it’s time to take stock of your life and make exercise a priority.

To help give you motivation, we’ve come up with 10 tips for exercising when time really is precious. 

#1 Do It For How Good You Will Feel

How many of you are reading this with the ‘summer bod’ in mind? Or perhaps, ‘to look hot for my insta pics’ or because you need a new Facebook profile pic? Get rid of all these motivations, because it’s very likely that you will fail epically if you’re driven by unrealistic image goals. Instead, turn your focus into wanting to feel fit and healthy. Trust us when we say the look good factor will naturally come with this.

#2 Exercise In The Morning

You’re much more likely to have a good sweat session if you do it in the morning. Start with committing to one morning a week to get your sweat on. The key is obviously getting a good night’s sleep, so ensure the evening before will allow you eight hours rest. Your body clock will start to change, and before you know it you’ll be working out two, three or even five (if we’re lucky) mornings a week!

#3 Schedule It

Lock it in, schedule it in your diary, tell people your schedule (don’t tweet it, instead tell your mum—she’ll be pleased), and make yourself liable to getting that sweat session in.

#4 Stick To The Schedule

The same rule applies as above; you can schedule it in but you gotta stick to it baby! No changing plans last minute and swapping out your PT session for a movie night. The movies can wait til after!

#5 Mix Up Your Routine

It’s really easy to get bored of working out if you do the same thing time and time again. Set aside one of your workout sessions per week to try a new exercise, there’s plenty of them available! Hey, you might even find a new favourite way to workout while you’re at it.

#6 Find A Workout You Enjoy

In saying that, keep trying the aforementioned workouts, and once you find one you love, keep doing it. Nothing will stop you from working out more than something you actually hate doing. Exercise can be fun (we promise!) You just need to find what suits you. 

#7 Say No To Social Activities

I mean, we obviously don’t mean you need to turn down every social opportunity that arises (we need a social life too). But instead of saying yes every time someone asks if you want to catch up for a wine, stick to the workout plans you committed to. You’ll find once you start saying no so some social activities you’ll have some more time up your sleeve. Or, even better, invite them for a sweat session.

#8 Get A Workout Buddy

Yay, friends! Yay, friends who want to workout with you! This is totally hitting two birds with one stone, not only will you not have time (or breath for that matter) to waste it on gasbagging, you’ll be enjoying your lovely friend’s company while getting sweaty. Once the endorphins are released you’ll completely forget about what was even bothering you, and what so and so did over the weekend.

#9 Download A Workout App

There’s so many apps out there to help you get fit, especially when you’re pushed for time. Spend some time trying out some apps to see what one works for you. It may be Kayla Itsines full workout plan, it may be Nike’s 10-minute workouts, or perhaps it’s the new I.AM app that allows you to find a workout buddy or book in a last-minute PT session.

#10 Get A Fitbit

Nothing better than a good ol’ fit bit to tell you how many steps you’ve been walking each day. Set yourself a goal (we quite like the sound of 10,000) for a distance you need to walk each day, and it may make you a little more conscious of how you’re spending your days. Instead of the lift, take the stairs, offer to do the coffee run, and if you still haven’t reached your goal before jumping into bed then run around in circles a few times.

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