15 Ways To Drag Your Lazy Butt Out This Weekend

By Olivia Atkinson
30th Sep 2016

15 Ways To Drag Your Lazy Butt Out This Weekend

It’s Friday night and you’re dabbling with two (very) different plans for your evening: a) stay at home with pizza and a robust glass of Syrah, or b) squeeze into that outfit you haven’t worn since uni, put on some lippy and head to that rowdy birthday BYO you RSVP’d ‘yes’ for last month. The latter option might have been a no-brainer a couple of years ago, but these days, sleep comes before shots and you struggle to conjure up the energy to paint the town red on the reg.

Guts for you, because that birthday BYO is for your bestie and there’s no way in hell you can talk/bribe your way out of it. Don’t even try. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. To stop you from becoming that friend who declines Every. Single. Invite to spend quality time with Netflix in their fat pants, we’ve created this nifty list.

Without further ado, here is how to go out on the weekend when you can’t be faffed (and some alternatives for when you really, really don’t want to leave the house).

  1. First things first, crank some beats. Have a go-to playlist to get you amped up for leaving the comforts of your bed to part-ay.
  2. For most, the worst part of going out is the getting ready phase. WTF do I wear? WTF is my hair doing? WTF are my eyebrows up to? Plan your outfit the night before and read up on this and this.
  3. If you’re going full party mode (but don’t really want to), make your BFF get glammed up with you. This way you’ll have no solo make up and/or fash dramas.
  4. Pre-drink. It will calm any anxieties about being around people you don’t necessarily want to see and put you in a happy-go-lucky mood.
  5. Better yet, just invite your homies over for dinner. Whip up some tacos, make a BYO bevvie policy and you won’t even have to leave the house!
  6. Make brunch dates in place of dinner dates. Breakfast is too early and by the time 11am rolls around you’ll be ravenous anyway.
  7. Adopt a ‘what if?’ mentality. What if I meet the love of my life? What if I find the espresso martini to rule them all? Instil FOMO within yourself and you’ll have no choice but to go out.
  8. Organise to have drinks straight after work. After a while, everyone will hopefully get hungry and decide to go home and eat. Or they’ll get naggy texts from their SO and have to leave anyway (so you can too!).
  9. Do something different. Go to a gig, try that new restaurant, watch that new movie. Part of the reason you don’t want to go out is because you do the same thing all the damn time.
  10. Clubs give you the creeps? Don’t blame you. Stick to low-key bars, like these.
  11. If you’re going to dinner with a friend but you know that they’ll end up dragging you to some house party out in the waps afterwards, pull the whole ‘I’ve got an early start’ card. Stick to a deadline.
  12. Remind yourself of how important friends are. You actually love them (even when they buy you round after round of tequila shots) and all they want is to hang out with you. Is it really that much to ask?
  13. Stay in your hood. Sure Pons hustles and bustles on the weekend but there will definitely be some hidden gems in your ‘burb.
  14. Put a cap on your rescheduling. Y’know that friend you meant to catch up with three months ago? Pick a time, book a table and stick to it. After a few hours of wine and chats, you’ll be so glad you put on pants and committed.  
  15. If your mates are still into 48-hour weekend benders, maybe it’s time to find some that are more aligned with where you’re at. Or, take the reigns for once and invite them over for the aforementioned pizza and Syrah, and they’ll be converted to the wonderful world of staying at home. 

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