17 Signs You Were Born And Raised In Auckland

By Krysia Drecki
25th Aug 2016

17 Signs You Were Born And Raised In Auckland

Your hometown makes up who you are. And, while Auckland boasts about being multicultural and welcomes newcomers by the hundreds, you can always tell who’s a true local in this vibrant city of ours. Whether we like it or not, being an Aucklander is ingrained in our bones.

We’ve come up with 17 signs that are a dead giveaway that you were born and raised in Auckland.

  1. You know you’re close to home when you can see the Sky Tower, even if it takes you two more hours in traffic.
  2. You’re not fazed by the fact that you are surrounded by volcanoes.
  3. Bare feet in the supermarket are totally acceptable.
  4. You can taste the difference between snapper and terakihi.
  5. You can also taste the difference between ‘fresh’ and ‘frozen’ fish—yes we have our eye on you fish & chip stores!
  6. You don’t think twice about spending $5 on an avocado.
  7. Placing in the Weetbix Triathalon pretty much makes you an Olympian.
  8. Thinking the world is going to end when the power is out for more than 20 minutes.
  9. You often wonder what ever happened to 5 cent lollies from the dairy.
  10. Never trusting the weather app.
  11. You left school over 5 years ago, but “What school did you go to?” seems to be the first thing you ask when you meet someone new.
  12. And the second most important question tends to be “What are you doing for New Year’s?” for half the year and “What did you do for New Year’s?” for the other half.
  13. You can’t handle being stuck in the city over New Year’s period without a severe case of FOMO kicking in.
  14. You remember when Guy Fawkes was about sneaking off from the family BBQ to shoot Roman Candles at your mates in the park.
  15. Finding a free all-day car park in town is like winning the lottery.
  16. You drive EVERYWHERE, even to your mate’s house down the road.
  17. You brace yourself when meeting someone from out of Auckland to gauge their response toward JAFAs.

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