18 Signs You’re A Shopoholic

By Martha Brooke
9th Aug 2016

18 signs you are a shopaholic

Hello, my name is Martha and I’m a shopaholic. I’m not ashamed of this fact and I know I can’t change, so what now? It’s time to for shopaholics everywhere to unite, embrace who we are, standing together and shopping together…well, maybe not shop together, as that blouse is mine biatch!

Not sure if you’re a shopaholic? Here are 18 signs you’re a shopaholic.

1. You work Monday to Friday purely to fuel your dire Saturday and Sunday shopping needs.

2. Homework/revision turns into browsing, browsing turns into clothes in basket, basket leads to checkout and checkout leads to delivery!

3. The only emails you receive are from different clothes stores.

4. You find things in your closet that you thought you had lost and you embrace like lovers in a Disney movie.

5. You pretend to have had things for years in a bid to convince your other half that it is not new.

6. You stalk your order delivery like your partner’s ex.

7. You know you’ll look fab for everyday errands like buying a pint of milk because all of the clothes in your wardrobe are to die for.

8. You always give in to the offers. Buy one get one free is your best friend.

9. You wish that you could download clothes from the Internet.

10. Your friends never see you in the same thing more than twice because you simply own that many clothes.

11. You couldn’t cope when your student card went out of date.

12. They know your name in your favourite stores. What? I’m just a friendly person…

13. When you miss your delivery parcel and have to wait even longer. Cue violins.

14. When they sell out in your size and you contemplate cutting off limbs in order to squeeze into the size down.

15. You have nothing to wear. A classic line said by all true die-hards.

16.There is always an excuse for buying something new. ‘It’s my cat’s birthday’ definitely counts.

17. You simply cannot throw away clothes. Spring clean? What even is this horrible myth!?

18. You are a modern day-to-day Carrie Bradshaw and proud. You go girl!

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