19 Signs Your Parents Are Kiwi Expats

By Olivia Atkinson
4th Oct 2016

19 Signs Your Parents Are Kiwi Expats

Let’s be honest—little ol’ New Zealand is definitely up there for being one of the coolest countries in the world. But, at some point during your childhood, your parents (and therefore you) might have decided to pack up and move overseas. While it can be easy for kids to take on the new country’s customs, lingo and way of life, you can be damn sure that your Kiwi parents won’t let you forget where you’ve come from.

Whether you just made the jump over the ditch or somewhere further afield, here are 19 signs you’re a child of Kiwi expats.

  1. The expressions your parents get when they tell someone about their ‘deck’ never gets old.
  2. They get really, really into rugby. Your mum goes from not giving a toss about it to sporting All Blacks jerseys on the reg.
  3. Same with music. The Exponents, Dave Dobbyn, Crowded House and Split Ends become the go-to playlist.
  4. Pineapple lumps, Vogels and kumara—three things you didn’t really care about in NZ— suddenly become rationed items in your household.
  5. And your rellies are always sending parcels of said items.
  6. They encourage you to be proud of your Kiwi accent, even when you’re this close to back handing the next person who comments on how you say ‘yes’.
  7. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Whale Rider become the only three options for movie night.
  8. Speaking of, all your mates ask if your parents used to live with hobbits.
  9. And if they owned sheep.
  10. You usually have to help them explain to the barista what a flat white is.
  11. You’re gutted because your fave ice cream flavour is Hokey Pokey and you can’t get it in your new country.
  12. Your friends get jealous because your parents let you wear no shoes.
  13. They always make you ‘slip, slop, slap’, even though summer barely exists where you live.
  14. You learn to soften your accent to make it easier for people to understand you.
  15. But often have to act as a translator for your parents because their accent and lingo ain’t going anywhere.
  16. Photos of New Zealand landscapes become the go-to wall art in your house.
  17. Your mum always attempts to sneak Marmite onto your friends’ toast whenever they stay over.
  18. You know exactly who made the ANZAC bickies and caramel slice at the bake sale.
  19. You were chucked on a boogie board before you could walk.

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