20 Reasons Everyone Is Obsessed With New Zealand

By Martha Brooke
5th Oct 2016

20 Reasons Why New Zealand Is The Ultimate Holiday Destination

Kia ora! With a catalogue boasting everything from glistening, West Coast black sand beaches to dense, lush rainforests, New Zealand has it all and, let's face it, people around the world just can't get enough. Once-upon-a-time little ol’ Kiwiland played second fiddle to our older sibling Australia, but boy have times have changed! 

And so, whether you’re an ex-pat who needs to remember why you should be visiting, or a local trying to convince a friend or co-worker that  New Zealand IS THE BEST PLACE EVER, we’ve come up with a list of all the reasons we are—literally—the best place on earth.

  1. It’s pretty safe: Forget snakes and crocodiles and other dangerous creatures. New Zealand is home to only a couple of teeny, tiny nasty critters that you’ll probably never see!) This means you can be sure to enjoy exploring and frolicking in the marvelous landscapes and waters. Heads up, they’re called the redback and white-tailed spider, if you really wanted to know.
  2. It’s bloomin’ beautiful: New Zealand is chocka-block full of jaw-dropping scenes—from luscious landscapes and breath-taking views, to water-colored-laden, geothermal wonderlands. It really is a smorgasbord of sights.
  3. There is too much to do: Sky-diving, sight-seeing, glacier-hiking, caving, rafting, culture touring, movie set exploring, bungee jumping, wine tasting, beach hopping, horse-back riding, trekking, skiing and much, much more. And breeeathe!
  4. Wine tasting: New Zealand is home to some of the best vineyards in the entire world. (We’re not biased, we promise!) From fruity Sauv’s in Marlborough to cherry infused pinot noir’s in Nelson, we are lucky enough to sample all of these on our doorstep. Go us!
  5. We know our beer: You’re in luck. New Zealand produces some mighty fine ale’s and craft beers along with lagers, pilsners and ipas. Sign me up!
  6. However you like your weather, we have it: However you like your weather, you can be sure to find it here. Sun-filled summers, chilly wrap-up-warm winters and all the in-between. Your suitcase will be full of mix-and-match weather attire, but boy, will you be thankful.
  7. Not many people live here: With a land size the same as Great Britain and with only 1/13th of the amount of people living here, we have plenty of room to explore and take some ‘us’ time. Goodbye city life, hello uninhabited beach.
  8. Our beaches are utterly unspoiled and heavenly: From long, 90-mile stretches of golden grains to shimmering, black-sand stretches, we truly have the best of both worlds.
  9. The people are super, duper friendly: Kiwis are a lovely bunch, who go above and beyond to make any visitor feel at home. On your own? Don’t worry about making friends, you should worry about making too many!
  10. Kiwis cook some incredible food: With restaurants, food trucks and cafes galore, you won’t be spoilt for an outstanding feed. Fussy eater? Think again.
  11. Kiwis also have a fantastic culture and history: With tours and historic sites available to explore, you can learn about what makes New Zealand the country it is today.
  12. You can glamp/camp in some of the most epic and luxurious locations around the world: Take it back to basics, sleep off the beaten track and bask in the sheer wonder of the New Zealand starry nights.
  13. There’s plenty of places to stay: If a room with four walls is more your thing then you won’t find it hard to find somewhere to crash your weary head after all that exploring. With boutique hotels, quaint B&B’s and a selection of Air B& B’s to boot, you’ll be able to find something within your budget in no time.
  14. It’s an Instagrammer's dream: If you’re an Insta-savvy social expert who likes to keep a fresh 'gram, or someone with a passion for photography then boy, are you gonna love New Zealand. With outstanding views and unbelievable landscapes, you’ll be filling those memory cards and camera rolls in no time.
  15. It has some of the best trails in the world: Speaking of great views, did you know that you can hike and walk some of the best trails and tracks and be rewarded with remarkable sights, right here, in New Zealand? Lace up those walking boots people!
  16. It’s a biker’s heaven: If dirt biking or cycling is more your thing, then you won’t be stuck for cycle trails and tracks. Explore New Zealand’s forest trails in Hanmer Springs or cycle around Auckland with their new, pink cycle-way, all while taking in the mighty fine views and scenery.
  17. It’s water fun is on point: New Zealand has some epic water spots and activities too. Think Milford Sound, waterfalls galore and watersport activities to keep you busy for weeks. Take a dip or take a boat trip and explore our beautiful waters in all of their glory!
  18. New Zealand is ice-cold fun: Turn that water into ice and what do you get? Franz Josef of course! Take a guided tour up one of New Zealand’s most iconic destinations and see first hand what the fuss is really about.
  19. Transport is a breeze: New Zealand makes travelling easy as by the way. Hire a car, use local transport or hop on board a tour bus to visit these iconic and sought after landmarks.
  20. You’ll come home with so many stories and tales: You will do things that you would never have dreamt about doing, meet friends for life, eaten incredible food and be able to say that you visited the best country in the world. Fact.

Thinking of visiting our fine country? Check out:

Image credit: Abel Tasman Kayaks

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