20 Things Tourists Should Know Before Visiting Auckland

By Martha Brooke
12th Sep 2016

20 Things Tourists Should Know Before Visiting Auckland

Being a popular destination for tourists from all corners of the globe, Auckland can be a little daunting to those who are not Jafa’s. With a large city and surrounding burbs, hidden bars and restaurants and more freak shakes than you can shake a stick at, it can be easy to get lost in everything that Auckland has to offer. 

To make your life easier, we have created a list of everything you need to know before visiting the City of Sails!

  1. Prepare to leave a few kilos heavier as Auckland is home to some of the best food in New Zealand. Loosen those belt loops and brace yourself for cuisine like no other.
  2. Don’t have a sweet tooth? You will now. With the likes of Giapo, Casa Del Gelato and Milse on hand, you’ll be planning that dentist trip sooner than you thought.
  3. Pack an umbrella, sunblock and scarf for the unpredictable weather of Auckland. Oh, and stock up on that merino wool. 24C? We don’t believe you, weather man!
  4. Don’t be fooled by Auckland’s west coast, black sands beaches. In the summer, these volcanic grains can reach temperatures hotter than David Beckham’s torso!
  5. Think you’ve seen traffic? Think again. Aucklanders are rarely on time, but it’s not our fault, honest. Get practicing that horn beeping motion and eye-spy technique.
  6. Oh and don’t rely on public transport too much. The Inner Link still remains a myth to most of us…
  7. It’s much easier to hop on a bike thanks to Auckland’s pink cycle path. Helmet + Sky Tower backdrop = perfect Insta pic.
  8. Don’t ask for decaf. Aucklander’s love their coffee. Asking for anything other than a double shot is like calling their children ugly. You should know better.
  9. Prepare to hunt for Auckland’s hidden bars and dining spots. Worth the search, we promise.
  10. You can walk from coast to coast. Not for the faint-hearted, but seriously worth the bragging rights.
  11. Oh, and you can kayak at night to Rangitoto Island. With an unforgettable sunset while using Auckland’s glittering skyline as your guide, you’ll no doubt be in complete oar.
  12. Choose your side of the bridge wisely. People will ask where you live, trust us. 
  13. You can get free avos! Mark your calendar, as from November to March, Otuataua Stonefields offer free avo picking to the public. With a limit of five per person, that’s enough guac to last a day or two, at least!
  14. We’re a fashionable bunch. Forget the action slacks and jandals, go big or go home.
  15. Brunching in Auckland is a sport. Get up early, don your best gym gear and prepare to wait for a table. We’re a competitive bunch and we are willing to fight for the best table at Dear Jervois.
  16. You can watch films outside, for free, at Silo Park during the summer months. Pull up a deck chair, bring a picnic and get cozy while watching a cult classic.
  17. We don’t do things by halves. Fancy a doughnut and milkshake? Well, the team at Al’s Deli can give you the best of both worlds with their Nutella doughnut milkshake extravaganza!
  18. Oh, and with the likes of these delicious creations on offer, you’ll become one of those people who Instagrams their food. Just sayin’!
  19. Waiheke Island is paradise all of its own. In only forty minutes you can be stepping onto a vineyard haven and beach utopia like none other.
  20. Plan your time wisely as there is so much to see and do. We’re not all about the Sky Tower ya know.

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Image credit: NZ

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