20 Vegetable Dishes We’re Crushing On Right Now

By Olivia Atkinson
5th Sep 2016

best vegetable dishes auckland

Meat is cool and stuff but have you truly experienced the colourful world of vegetables? From leafy greens to bright beets and everything in between, vegetable dishes can really pack a punch. We’ve found 21 dishes where vegetables are the star of the show. From badass Brussel sprouts to addictive eggplant, here are the best vegetable dishes in Auckland right now.

  1. If you heart artichoke, this Onslow dish is for you. They coat artichokes in a delish crumb and serve it with smashed avo and spinach.
  2. We love how TRUE food and yoga name their dishes and the Romantic Nostalgia is no different. With activated buckwheat risotto, turmeric root, oyster mushroom, lemon and red chilli, it’s a vego’s dream.
  3. Slightly on the naughty side, but Barilla’s sweet and salty French beans are the shiz.
  4. Nanam’s migas (roasted Brussel sprouts) are ridiculously decadent. The Brussels swim in sherry gastrique with Spanish chorizo and croutons. Y-um.
  5. Get your veges in first thing in the morning at Major Sprout. Their herbed broken eggs and broccolini dish comes with zucchini, pecorino, onion and oregano salsa and Freedom Loaf. A house-cured bacon slab is optional but let the veges shine, we say!
  6. Dear Jervois’ zucchini fritter is #health on a plate. Think crispy zucchini fritters with beetroot, micro herbs, pine nuts, Pecorini and lemon sour cream.
  7. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, Ebisu’s miso-glazed eggplant is heavenly. Even better washed down with a cocktail or two.
  8. While The Blue Breeze Inn’s pork and tofu buns will definitely lure you in, save room for their wok-charred broccoli. It’s cooked up with oyster sauce, ginger and almond. Their market greens are primo, too. 
  9. Top Café is well, tops, and their dumplings are no different. The vegetable and egg ones are made from scratch and lightly pan-fried. 
  10. Monday's Zen Bowl will warm your belly and soul quick-smart! You’re given a huge bowl of spiced roasted vegetables, zucchini noodles and a warm coconut broth to pour over.
  11. You’ve never met a salad like this before. Little Sister’s squash salad features pumpkin, sesame-spiced seeds, sour cherry, basil, haloumi, baby sprouts, beetroot puree and sour cherry dressing.
  12. Cassia is known to push the flavour boundaries and they do so with their roasted carrot, spice kasundi, macadamia and charcoal dish.
  13. Not just a pretty place, The Tasting Shed’s cauliflower with blue cheese, honey and cashew is a standout.
  14. Tomato or tomato? Whichever way you say it, Orleans’ fried green tomatoes will get you hooked.
  15. Trust Baduzzi to churn out an exceptional vege pasta. Their pappardelle, salted baked beetroot, soft quail egg and oyster mushroom is something spesh.
  16. Misters’ Bombay bowl is the bomb. It’s a happy marriage of baby potato, creamy Vadouvan sauce, mango chutney, cucumber salsa, coriander sprouts and a Kohlrabi and cauliflower pakora.
  17. Do you even dosa? Ela Cuisine’s masala dosa is a rice and lentil cone with mashed ‘tato, turmeric, lentil soup and chutneys.
  18. For a curry with a whole lotta flavour, hit up Farang. Their Hawker style vege green curry is packed with lemongrass, kaffir lime, black fungus, tofu and a mushroom ginger wonton.
  19. Get your fafafel on at Raw Power Café. Their falafel pita pocket is chocka with green salad, homemade hummus and parsley dressing, with avo, toms, cucumber, yoghurt and greens on the side.
  20. TOK TOK’s vegetarian summer rolls will take you straight to the warmer months in one bite.

Need more vege dishes to devour? Here are 21 Meals For Meat Free Monday.

Image credit: The Blue Breeze Inn

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