22 Things Auckland Does Better Than Anywhere Else

By Olivia Atkinson
10th Aug 2016

22 Things Auckland Does Better Than Anywhere Else

We might be totally slightly biased but Auckland is one of the raddest cities in this fine country of ours. In fact, there are a large handful of things that Auckland has got well and truly down pat. 

You can keep your Parises and your New Yorks; we think we’ve got them beat. Here are 22 things that Auckland does better than anywhere else. 

  1. Being the world’s third most liveable city (and the first in the southern hemisphere). ‘Nuff said. 
  2. Being the world’s greatest city on the water.  
  3. Having actual seasons, sometimes all in one day (and there’s a song about it). 
  4. Whenever city life gets too much, we can escape to one of these mind-blowing beaches. 
  5. You can travel the world without leaving the city. Want Indian? Sandringham. Dumplings? Balmoral. Italian? These spots. We’re so #worldly. 
  6. Our weekends have sooo much potential. Lunch escapes, breath-taking spots, walks and hikes, wineries, mountains, islands, high adventures…the list goes on and on. 
  7. You can walk from the west coast to the east coast in one day (and back again if you’re a keen bean/super human). 
  8. The proximity to Waiheke Island. Sometimes we visit ON A WHIM. 
  9. Coffee. That is all. 
  10. Milse and Miann. Our dessert game is dangerously strong. 
  11. Hiding stuff. Positioning cafes down driveways, bars underground and restaurants up high. 
  12. Volcanoes. We’ve got nearly 50 of them and that makes us totally badass. 
  13. Food, glorious food. 
  14. Thousands of fancy pants houses. We might not be able to afford them but damn are they pretty to look at. One day…
  15. Having a casual attitude towards expensive avocados. 5 bux a pop is a steal…right?
  16. Aggressive driving. Traffic be cray and one must know how to navigate it #driveitlikeyoustoleit. 
  17. Saving old buildings from ruin and despair, and turning them into something fabulous. 
  18. Christmas. Franklin Road light and Christmas in the Park are joyous occasions. 
  19. Drinking. We love craft beer, cold rose, warming mulled wine—and lots of it. And we’ve got an abundance of drinking establishments to enjoy said bevvies in. 
  20. Queuing (read: waiting patiently). If we don’t have to wait outside in the freezing cold for an hour plus, it must not be worth it. 
  21. Real fruit ice creams. West does it best. 
  22. Lush parks. I mean, have you been to Cornwall? That place is b-e-a-utiful. 

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Image credit: Flickr

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