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24-Hour Auckland: 10 Things To Do All Night Long

By Olivia Atkinson
15th Mar 2016

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At long, long last, Auckland is finally taking some baby steps to becoming a truly 24-hour city. But what can you actually do in Auckland around the clock? From 3am golf to silent discos and elephant sleepovers, here’s our top picks of things to do after hours in Auckland. 

#1 Grab a late-night burger from everyone’s favourite 24-hour food truck 

Fact. Everyone knows and loves The White Lady. This food truck institution (operating for more than 60 years!) caters to peckish night owls with empty pantries and 3am hunger pangs. Shovel down an old-school burger complete with a fried egg and beetroot, or smash a ham pineapple toastie and hot chips. 

#2 Or opt for a sit-down burger feed 

Recharge in a booth at 24-hour burger bar, Andy’s Burgers in SKYCITY. This joint specialises in (surprise, surprise) burgers, but there’s plenty of other delicious fare on offer if you’re not feeling meat and bread—think hot wings, fish ‘n’ chips, barbecue ribs and falafel. You’ll also find thick shakes and fried apple pie. Midnight munchies never tasted so good. 

#3 Go somewhere you’ve never been before 

Can’t sleep? Why not indulge in a spot of urban adventure and jump in the car to a ‘burb you’ve never been to before. While ambling around a strange place in the dark might not be a great idea, make a list of all the places you want to check out once they’re open in the morning. Sleep when you’re dead, people. 

#4 Check out the city’s landmarks, crowd-free 

While you might not be able to get into any of them, you can finally snap that selfie with One Tree Hill without getting photobombed by an overenthusiastic tourist doing the same thing. Watch the city lights twinkle while you’re at it. 

#5 Hit a couple of balls at the driving range 

Whether you’ve gotta let off a bit of steam or sleep just ain’t happening, New Zealand’s only 24-hour driving range has got you covered. JK’s World of Golf is open round the clock, so BYO wood and hit some balls. 

#6 Have a silent disco 

So our trains don’t run all night, but take inspiration from this silent subway disco group in New York because it’s the best thing ever. Ponsonby Road, Queen Street, in your cul-de-sac… take your pick. Just make sure someone packs a mirror ball. 

#7 Play spotlight in the Domain 

Ah, the memories of childhoods past. Locate the torches, rally the troops and head to the Domain for a spot of spotlight. 

#8 Treat the sprogs to a sleepover under the sea 

Let’s be honest, we loved Kelly Tarlton’s when we were youngins’ and we still love it now. Treat your little ones to a night under the aquarium’s tunnel, where they can watch the sharks, stingrays and fish as they drift off into dreamland.  

#9 Or spend the night at the zoo 

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again; sleeping at the zoo is pretty much the coolest thing you can do at night in Auckland. Chow down on a barbeque dinner before embarking on a torch-lit adventure of the zoo. You’ll be able to witness what the wild ones get up to after dark and then get your beauty sleep in the Old Elephant House. 

#10 Head to the ultimate CBD speakeasy, The Gin Room 

Nestled on Vulcan Lane, The Gin Room is the perfect place to channel your inner Hemmingway and sip away your woes into the wee hours. They have a private bar with a 24-hour licence and a knack for shaking up exceptional gin libations. 

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