27 Reasons To Stay In On A Saturday Night

By Martha Brooke
13th Aug 2016

27 Reasons To Stay In On A Saturday Night

Is it really that bad to stay in on a Saturday night? You can be toasty, tucked up in front of the TV, bottle of vino in one hand and a share-bag of chips in the other, you can have endless stalking sesh’s on Insta and you can have dance-off’s with your cat. 

Are we getting old? Or are we keeping our options open? Now and then there is nothing wrong with kicking off the heels and pushing the contour kit to one side for a night of you time. Let’s high-five to those lazy, Saturday night’s in! You go girl!

  1. You’ll meet the man of your dreams next weekend. 
  2. Impala will still be there next week, Jon Snow may not (Yes, I am aware I am behind!)
  3. You’ll become the mysterious one out of your friends. Will Martha turn up? Won’t she? Who knows!
  4. You and bae can spend some quality time together. *Bae = pizza.
  5. You can slay Sunday without that hangover of doom weighing you down.
  6. You’ll be able to wipe your nose with the money you’ll be saving.
  7. You’ll avoid all the drunken drama, except for the episode of Geordie Shore you’ll be watching, from your homemade fort. 
  8. You can make a fort.
  9. You don’t have to worry about showing everyone up on the d’floor.
  10. Netflix isn’t going to watch itself.
  11. You need to perfect the art of the flower crown filter on Snapchat.
  12. You have nothing to wear. What a shame…
  13. You won’t run the risk of running into your ex *shudders*.
  14. You can wear slippers all night over those strappy stilettos that cause sheer agony.
  15. You can wear whatever you damn like. Yoga pants? Check!
  16. Your couch is comfier than a bar stool. 
  17. You know that you’ll most likely not even get to sit on a bar stool as it is always too busy. Hello standing in stilettos all night!
  18. You ate twenty chicken nuggets and that tight bodycon dress that you were going to wear is now off the cards. 
  19. You don’t have to pay for bar snacks. All you need is Nutella and a spoon. 
  20. You know that the same type of guy will be out. Cue muscle tee and snapback.
  21. You know that you will just get drunk and cry over you know who, again.
  22. You know that you might end up calling you know who, again.
  23. You might end up seeing that eggs bene, Big Mac, chocolate ice cream and those seven dumplings that you ate prior, again. 
  24. You heard it might rain. Cue frizzy hair.
  25. You will spend $14 on one glass of wine, when you know you can buy a bottle for that price!
  26. Your cat needs company (Mr Bojangles needs my attention and loves having selfie’s with me…).
  27. You’ll be better prepared for next Saturday night. 

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Image credit: The Mindy Project

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