30 Reasons We Just Can’t Leave Auckland

By Martha Brooke
17th Aug 2016

30 Reasons We Just Can’t Leave Auckland

With eateries galore, beaches on our doorstep and burgers to blow your mind, Auckland is called home by more than one million people. 

If you ever needed a reason not to leave our beloved haven, look no further, we have thirty.

  1. Where else are you going to get your Nutella, doughnut milkshake and mac’n’cheese burger fix from?! Al’s Deli, we’re looking at you.
  2. You still haven’t worked your way through the cocktail menu at Bedford
  3. Or tried all the different gins at The Gin Room.
  4. The markets. La Cigale, Hobsonville and Avondale...just to name a few.
  5. Auckland is home to 48 different volcanoes. Beat that, suckers!
  6. You won’t get as many Insta-worthy food snaps anywhere else. 
  7. You're always kept on your toes on the weather front. Auckland, you tease. 
  8. There’s never a dull moment in the city when you’ve got the likes of Bitchin’ Bingo, The Comedy Club and Karaoke bars galore on your doorstep. 
  9. Where else can you get your dumpling fix from? Dominion Road, marry me! 
  10. Have you ever seen the sunset at Bastion Point?! 
  11. Waiheke, Rangitoto, Piha and Bethells are all on Auckland’s doorstep. Aren’t we lucky?
  12. You still haven’t met Lorde. 
  13. Or the entire cast of Shortland Street yet.
  14. Not showing off or anything but Auckland is the world’s largest Polynesian city.
  15. And to top it off, Auckland was voted number three (in the world!) for quality of life. 
  16. You still haven’t successfully eaten a whole Toto’s pizza to yourself. 
  17. It’s got more people than the entire South Island put together?! You do the math…
  18. You’re never too far from the sea. 
  19. Where else can you get your White Lady, grease fix after a night on the town?
  20. You can have a chill day sipping on a flat white at Fred’s and an adrenaline-fuelled day the next, jumping off the Harbour Bridge. 
  21. You can be a vegan one day at Kokako and a meat-loving fiend the next at Miss Moonshine's
  22. Auckland is a mecca for all things fashion, with the likes of Ponsonby, Britomart and K’road tempting our purses at all times. 
  23. Auckland is an eclectic haven, from festivals in the CBD, to hidden bars in the suburbs. 
  24. In only 45-minutes you can be relaxing on a remote beach. 
  25. Auckland has 265 days of sunshine a year. Not bad, not bad at all. 
  26. You can be lucky enough to enjoy city life and breathtaking nature all in one place. 
  27. Your bucket things of places to eat at will last until you are ninety years old. 
  28. Auckland is home to some of the best burgers in the world. Fact.
  29. You can act globally yet live locally. 
  30. We have The Urban List

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Image credit: Backpacker Guide

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